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Season One: Episode One

OAK: Aquaponics in North Oakland

Posted on January 17th, 2012 by Mohammed Bilal 17 Comments

Bryant Terry visits an aquaponics farm in Oakland, California’s Mosswood Park. Urban Organic is a three part series that features cutting-edge chefs, urban farmers and social innovators who are bringing urban agriculture to neighborhoods in America that need them most.

Learn how to easily make your own affordable aquaponic garden.

Hear a little more from Keba Konte.

Find your local farmers market.



17 Responses

  1. angel jablonski says:

    this was great.. want to seee more. I am such a fan of your food and work!

  2. Paige Bierma says:

    All kinds of awesome! Can’t wait to see the next one :-)

  3. Takia says:

    This is amazing…I look forward to sharing with my readers. Keep up the great work! Also anticipating the new book!

  4. Yisrael says:

    Now this was really good.
    Very informative and it leaves the viewer wanting more.
    U must keep this up.

  5. E.J. Choi says:

    Amazsing! This is what real local food means! I am so happy to see you are making a different not just being one ‘foodie’s out there. Also education part for the children is so important as we all know!
    Thanks, Bryant!

  6. Suzanne says:

    Awesome! More pleeez! I will be doing

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  8. Kevin Skipper says:

    Stomp on!!

  9. Tambra Raye says:

    I am loving it! Kudos to the network, the creative ideas flowing in leveraging web to engage, inform and entertain audiences. Bryant is a great host, and I look forward to seeing more and visits to Washington, DC! By the way I have both Grub and Vegan Soul Kitchen. Keep it up!

  10. So pleased that you can document these positive steps people are taking with regard to growing food locally.
    Check out our website and if you drive down the 101 stop by and have a tempeh panini with us. We may have some exciting news for tempeh lovers in the not too distant future.
    Betsy Shipley in Port Hueneme CA

  11. Yoná Flemming says:

    This is a good balance of information and excitement. It’s heartwarming and inspiring to get to know of real, everyday people making a difference. And in such a down to earth way.

  12. Alejandra says:

    Excellent! I’m looking forward to the next episode.

  13. Tilia says:

    This looks really great and is completely new to me. I have some questions about it I hope someone can answer: What do the fish eat? And, how fish friendly are such basins? Regular fish aquaculture is quite damaging to the fish population since they use wild fish to the farm fish. How does it work here? By what I see in this video these fish have in no way a natural habitat. Would plants and such in the water make it impossible for the system to work?

  14. Maryanna Dua says:

    What a great video! I can’t wait to see where all this series goes. Bryant is one of my favorite people, with so much passion for such great causes. I can’t wait to see this progress!

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  16. josip_cro says:

    Great video, great vibe, great music… Stay healthy and happy.
    God bless you all!

  17. Joe Rakowski says:

    Absolutely love this!
    I read an article in YES! magazine a year ago about a family in Chicago, I believe. You may want to check some of the back issues, excellent source of info and the community work on that as well.
    I hope these guys take over the entire bay with this!

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