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From the Diary Community: 10 toughest questions your child has asked you

Posted on June 28th, 2011 by Alley Pezanoski-Browne No Comments

Courtesy of jfinnirwin (via Flickr)

Last week, we asked the Diary Community what is the toughest questions your child(ren) has asked you and what was your response? Here are your 10 best answers:

  1. Where do babies come from? Response: A stork!
  2. How does the baby get in your belly? Response: Daddy planted it there. Cathy says she expected a follow-up question, but luckily it never came.
  3. Is Santa Clause real? Response: Only as real as what you believe.
  4. Where’s my dad?! Response: None.
  5. Mom, does it bother you that I call my stepmother “mom”? Response: Read SingleMamma4God’s answer at her blog.
  6. How come some of my friends have straight hair and mine is curly? Response: Because we all are different outside and in. We all have different backgrounds which leaves some of us to live different ways than others.
  7. Why did my father leave us and marry another woman even if he is still married to you? Response: Grazshia was speechless and had no answer.
  8. What does impotent mean? Response: Go ask your father.
  9. What’s an abortion? Response: No answer.
  10. Why doesn’t daddy call? Response: One day an opportunity will come for you to ask your daddy that question, and only he can answer that for you.

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