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Season Three: Episode 9

Dream Cart

Posted on January 13th, 2011 by Producer @PICtv 44 Comments

Ocean trusts she’s weathered the storm and that her family has finally settled into a stable routine. Like two bulls, Uncle Bo and Lou Bailey lock horns while Peggy makes plans to test her sex appeal. Lupe is starting to celebrate wellness and consequently may be ready to tackle another issue from her past.

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44 Responses

  1. mary s. says:

    Peggy is moving too fast attempting a relationship, get to really know him and most importantly work on her bakery business first. Good to see Lupe working with regaining her relationship with her mother, her mom is not to blame for assuming that Lupe calls her when she is in need but mom needs to loosen up a bit. If the landlord is giving the tenants so much problems then with web access at hand they should obtain free help at .
    Keep up the great work Mr. Townsend.

  2. CAA says:

    As always, yet another great show. it was a pleasure watching veterans, like Roundtree and Billy Dee. Getting close to the end of season three. Please tell me season 4 is right around the corner.

  3. I really love this show. Love it. So inspiring and uplilfting.

  4. Susa says:

    I have an “Uncle Bo” in my family. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am tired, fed up and just plain SIGHs. I have watched this person go from riches to rags and is now loosing his marriage due to his drinking and outrageous behavior during his binges. Perhaps someone can give ME some advice on how to handle this. I have cut him off financially (meaning I no longer give $5, $3, $1, $.50 etc.) he ask for. I had no idea you could buy liquor so cheaply, I have been schooled, cigarettes cost more than a 5th. (and we wonder why we have so many drunks around, smh).
    I wish I had answers for someone else…but I truly don’t. Our father was a functional alcoholic (worked during the week, drunk on the weekends), but he took care of his kids and stayed married for 45 yrs (a true miracle, took his last breath on their 45th wedding anniversary).
    So now it has passed down but worse because “he” can’t keep a job, goes to work with alcohol on his breath. Without it you have a very intelligent, quiet individual that has almost read every book in our public library. He has been in and out of treatment centers, but he will say “that was for the drugs, not the alcohol so I can keep drinking”. I am waving the white flag, I truly give up.

    • Sharon says:

      Susa, I really feel for you. I am not familiar with your situation personally, so I don’t see me being of much help. What I do know is that with most support group agencies, centers, etc. they also provide support for the family members to help deal with their feelings, thoughts, concerns etc. So even if your “Uncle Bo” does not want to go to an AA meeting, it still might be good for you to call to get support for yourself. It sounds like your an “Ocean” and you need to learn how to live your own life without the guilt but also in proper support of your “Uncle Bo”. I pray the best for you and that your family member will get the help he needs.

    • Bre says:

      Jesus Christ is the one who delivers…he can deliver better than any meeting can. Pray for him because only God can change people and talk to God about how you feel about this whole situation and how it hurts you. Cry to God and give Him everything. Ask Him to equip you to handle it, to give you the words to say if he asks you for more money, to guide you in how to talk/respond to Him and to take the burden off of you so you can have peace. You can have that peace is you trust God. If you keep seeking Him, he’ll make it where the situation is still present but your heart and mind are at peace and full of joy. Trust me, you’ll make it through this without a doubt:)

    • Nai says:

      Al-Anon is the support group for family and friends of Alcoholics, those directly and indirectly affected by the DISEASE of Alcoholism. There you gain a family of others who know exactly how you feel, learn how to take care of YOU and your needs, and also address other issues such as stress, co-dependency, and emotional damage. Al-Anon is NOT a substitute for professional help if necessary, but I know that what I learned while attending meetings has carried through other areas of my life. It’s so much easier to get through tough times when you have the tools to do it!

  5. SouthernGirl59 says:

    C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S to Diary of a Single Mom for receiving 13 nominations in the 2nd Annual Indie Soap Awards!!!! YAY!!!! The awards show is in NYC on Feb. 21!
    Nominations: 1) Best Indie Soap of the Year 2) Outstanding Lead Actress-Monica Calhoun 3) Outstanding Supporting Actor-Billy Dee Williams 4) Outstanding Supporting Actress-Valery Ortiz 5) Outstanding Directing-Robert Townsend 6) Best Story Line-Bo Tries To Go Back to Work 7) Breakthrough Performance-Leon 8)Outstanding Guest Appearance(2)-Diahann Caroll & Irma P. Hall 9) Outstanding Editing-Robert Pergament 10) Outstanding Sound Design-Diary of a Single Mom 11) Fans Choice Award-Diary of A Single Mom 12) Outstanding Writing- Cheryl L. West.

    Today’s episode was PHENOMENAL as usual! I was glad to see all of the credits at the end of the show! Maybe this means Diary will soon be on a major network! I certainly hope so!

    • Sharon says:

      I agree with you and a host of others who believes (wants) this show to be on network, however I like the convenience of being able to watch it at my anytime after 10:00 am on Thursdays. I can also go back to see previous episodes without waiting till network decides to show it. If Mr. Townsend could work it so it could be on both (network and net) that would be perfect! New episodes would air simultaneously so if at home, watch on tv, at work, on the net. Ha ha.

  6. Sharice says:

    I just knew that Trina was preggo!! Well I can not wait to see what is going to happen with that. Peggy needs to wake up and see that that guy she ‘loving’ on and wants to be a ‘outside couple’ with, is MARRIED or either gay. As sad as this may sound, I think that Ms. Dessa is either an angel or she is about to become one.

    • Karla says:

      Me To! The potato chips an episode or two ago gave it away. I wonder who’s child it is… I know stuff is really gonna hit the fan if it’s Senior’s.

    • mrslawhon says:

      I agree Karla, I don’t think Mrs. Dessa is gonna make it to Friday. Angels come when you need them and I think Mrs.Dessa came for Lupe cause she needed her.

  7. pearlsrevealed says:

    Did anyone catch Peggy say her bank account was unusally low? Maybe her “friend” has something to do with that.

    • mrslawhon says:

      I think this guy is so shady , I heard that too and did you see when Peggy asked him about them going out he distracted her with the kiss…and Peggy needs to stop running her mouth in front of people she doesn’t know in someone else’s house

    • Bre says:

      yea i thought about that too…that’s an interesting plot going on

  8. Breeo2Kqute says:

    I knew Trina was pregnant. By who ?? I think she pregnant by Sr. Wow just as Ocean thought things were turning out for the best , they turn for the worst !!! Any other opinions on this??!

    • Sharon says:

      I know me too! ugh

    • S says:

      You are so right. I think she is preggers by him as well. Poor Ocean doesn’t seem to get a break. This show is always great! I have been sticking with it from day one!

    • Charleta says:

      Yeah, she’s pregnant, and no doubt by Sr., too! I also think he knows, and that’s why he was writing her from jail. Poor Ocean; not only will she have a pregnant teen to take care of, but one who is her niece pregnant by the father of her kids. *sigh*

    • Bre says:

      What if she got pregnant by Uncle Bo?????…lol jk

  9. Sharon says:

    Again this show has so many surprises, good and bad. I love it. Seeing the chef talk about how he started his business was the second thing today to encourage me to go forth in my plans. So often we fail because we’re too scared to move forward. Thank you Cheryl West for such a wonderful story line. Although it is very realistic I hate the fact that Trina is pregnant. I didn’t see what the other ladies were saying way back when but I see it now. Well, hopefully she would change her attitude cause it is really crunchy right now.

  10. Ilia Powell says:

    I cannot believe Trina is knocked up! Must be Sr.’s doing. The mother daughter dynamic sometimes is a tough one, and I speak from experience on both sides of the aisle. But Lupe’s mom should not assume. Peggy needs to Google her new “FRIEND”. But poor Ocean, just as her ship is coming in, it sinks…….Anxiously awaiting next Thursdays installment!

  11. akaziaj says:

    So love this show. It just has to get on TV. If we can bring back a show like THE GAME back to TV, why can’t we do the same for quality family oriented programming.

    Does anyone have any idea or if it’s Mr. Townsend’ desire, how to get this on network TV. What it would take?

  12. Trina is pregnant isn’t she????????????

  13. mary s. says:

    If you are a fan of ‘Diary’ please vote for it on Indie TV…let’s move it from #5 to #1…vote at:


  14. Adjudicator says:

    I think that Trina has walked into a real scare with her thoughts of her body changing and with Ocean making the “glow” comment. However, I think that the emphasis will rest on Sr. since he is the latest factor, but I am not certain it’s him nor am I convinced due to Trina’s promiscuity that was debuted at the onset of the show. Sr. just put her out there in online/internet “modeling” but it was more than that it generated her some real cash that both of them capitalized on.

  15. I could kick Avon’s ass right now. Why didn’t she call Ocean into the hall or sonething. She don’t know who that Lady is. Why are people so dumb?

    • Adjudicator says:

      On the lighter side of things Honey Bliss it could be a good thing for all of them for their issue to be revealed. It is truly possible that in the midst of not knowing who a person is that person could turn out to be the one to help. While the law is on their side I beleive that with the information being revealed the way it was they will get the help that is needed and the new landlord will be exposed during the process.

    • Bre says:

      I agree ad…good point(blessing in disguise, all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord)

  16. happimom says:

    I enjoyed this week’s episode, and look forward to next week. I like the substance of the show because these are real issues that women struggle with. Peggy, Lupe, Ocean and even Trina have all learned or are learning lessons about being in relationships with either the wrong guys or at the wrong time. Everything has a season, and when you are a single mom, you have to be sensitive to the power of timing!
    Still love gets them/us through… even if you have to start over with a new family patched together by God.

  17. Antwanette Agnew says:

    Am I the only one that is irritated with Peggy? Hahah. She runs her mouth a little too much and always needs something. Wonderful work, Mr. Townsend. I absolutely love the show. Congratulations to the show on its many nominations. Be abundantly blessed creator, cast, and crew.

  18. S. Adkins says:

    Another great show. Ms. West, Mr. Townsend, and cast – I love you all. You know you have a great show when you start praying for the characters. My heart just goes out to Ocean.

  19. janice Lynde says:

    Does Peggy have a psychological problem? I think she needs help, and where is her grandson during all this dating? Surely, she has something to offer her friends, like in Season 1, helping Ocean get her GED.

  20. Lilly says:

    Enjoying every webisode of each week. Understanding each person’s role as a single parent. Peggy was from a world of picket fences, garden parties, and making home happy for hubby. that is gone and now she is still trying to work on the single life of working hard for the dollar. Take it slow Peggy and ask that man lots of questions. But great show.. Thank you Robert for giving us “reality” programming.

  21. Sophie says:

    I’m glad that, as desperate as Peggy is about money and business matters, she sure is loyal to her friends, standing up to that new landlord. Go, girl!!

  22. Nai says:

    Man, Mr. Bailey served Uncle Bo a slice of humble pie with a side of shut cho mouth! It’s about time…

  23. Sharon H. says:

    My dad was a version of “Uncle Bo”…and every time I watch an episode…I get misty because I miss my father so much. I constantly think about his struggles with alcoholism and his physical deterioration and the fact that he is no longer alive. This show is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. Thank you Robert Townsend for your vision…thank you to the cast for discussion real problems.

    I have my new box of Kleenex and anxiously awaiting a new season :)

  24. Sheryl B says:

    Ya think someone can possibly tell Peggy to look both ways before she runs her mouth? Thank God Ocean has the faith that she has because it looks like a long way before dawn.

  25. 1magine, ATL Ga. says:

    WOW!!! I truely learned the real meaning of “In The Meantime” this was sooooooo enlightening for me, when the explanation was given by Ocean to Lupe, I honestly got chills, I had to write it down..”What if God is watching to see what we do “In The Meantime” the victory has already been set, destined but HOW we behave “In The Meantime” shows God our progress, our awareness…will we acknowledge him and allow him to direct our path, without question or complaint?

    Thank you writers, producers, actors & actresses you have been a silent yet solid blessing to my life.

  26. melvine says:

    Mr Townsend i reallyenjoyyour movie and it so real life things an situations looking forwar to seeing more. How would a person like m start to write a play I know i have a good one ,just dont kniow how to start it.

  27. ohsotrue says:

    I’m afraid to look at the next episode “Friday”, I love Lupe’s new BFF but I am afraid she might pass and I think as much as Lupe has learned from her it might crush her. I love a show that leaves you with thoughts about how to make your own life better. I think I will save “Friday” for tomorrow.

  28. Keisha says:

    Peggy Shut your stupid mouth you dumb idiot. Talking your business in front of strangers. And did I miss the episode whwere sammy shot senior or pointed the gun at him????

    • CG says:

      No you didn’t because I thought I missed it to, either it inferred because of dramatic context or they deleted that episode, either way I never saw it either….
      On another note, Lupe’s mother is a sad case her daughter wants to talk with her and all she can do is not listen and think the worst

  29. Janina says:

    Ocean is so naive!!! omg trina needs to be slapped and kicked out. What a brat!

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