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Season Three: Episode 6


Posted on December 23rd, 2010 by Producer @PICtv 38 Comments

Ocean gives Uncle Bo an ultimatum. Lupe realizes her own strength and advocates for herself like never before. Peggy is enamored with a charismatic stranger introduced by Mr. Bailey. Lupe encourages Ocean to reexamine her feelings for Mike.

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38 Responses

  1. SouthernGirl59 says:

    Good episode…as usual!

  2. Rdoney says:

    This is a great show. I think that a DVD release should be in order after this 3rd season. Yes, I would buy it for myself and as a gift.

  3. Kenneeda says:

    i agree with southern girl…looks like the episodes are getting a little longer!!! keep them coming…..can’t wait until next week…

  4. CyndyBlu says:

    I loved the episode, they seem to be getting longer, and that’s always a go thing. glad to see uncle bo back, I was worried for a minute. he needs to take better care of himself though, diabetes is no joke!!!!! Lupe seems to be getting better, and I hope ocean sometime, when she’s ready, to give mike a chance. can’t wait till next week!!!!!!

    • Truth says:

      I hope that Ocean gets with Mike as well. However, I am happy that she is taking her time getting involved in a relationship. This is something that so many single moms should consider. They don’t think about the toll that it takes on their kids or themselves. It is important for single moms to take better care of themselves and learn to be independent without relying on the help of a man. A man should be an accessory, not a necessity especially if he is not their husband or the children’s dad. So often, it is the other way a around. Some single mom’s are more like Lupe, chasing after the man only to come up dry when he is ready to move on.
      Overall, great message being shared in the show and in this situation.

  5. CyndyBlu says:

    I just wanted to say that I left out the od in the word good! sorry typing too fast!!!!!!!

  6. Sheryl B says:

    I love this sooo much. I’m rootin’ for a DVD of the series too!!

  7. Sharon says:

    The women are starting to find their voices!!! I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! Some good news finally. Now I can breathe. :)

  8. McKay says:

    Yes! Ocean, Love to value yourself more and always watch who you let into your life. Stay true to friends and they will be true to you. All valuable lessons learned~ one love

  9. Shaquita says:

    The shortness of this show is reeeaallyy getting to me. I wish it was at least 10 minutes longer!

  10. Shaquita says:

    It was a little longer this thursday though! Hope it gets longer and longer! Maybe a hour? Lol

    Oh and thank goodness Lupe finally let go of Juan, and finally seeing that a breast isn’t everything!

    Hopefully Trina changes for the long term this time.

    I want of Peggy’s cookies, lol

  11. KBeas says:

    Another great episode! Keep it coming. lol.

  12. maya says:

    I cant help but to be happy for Peggy, AND Lupe, …these womwn have been through some horrible things, I understand Oceans need to be cautious, but I cant wait til she opens her heart to Mike…its gonna be worth waiting for :-)

  13. Effervescence says:

    I know how Ocean feels when she tells Mike she’s not sure if she knows how to let someone take care of her. It’s hard when you’re use to doing everything yourself because you have to.

  14. Ilia Powell says:

    I love ‘em all! Every episode is better than the last. I’m scared that since it’s been brought to your attention the webisode has gotten a couple of minutes longer, you’ll shorten them again. PLEASE DON’T DO THAT!

  15. Zaynab says:

    I heard about this show by watching the monique show with Guest Leon. I looked it up on the internet and WOW. I watched every season and episode in one day! This is something I will be looking forward to. Keep up the Great Work, looking forward to it becoming a sitcom on t.v.

  16. Cynthia says: says:

    I just enjoy watching this show. Love it, love it, love it !!
    When I plan to see just one episode, I find myself watching
    three or four. Can’t wait to see the next one.

  17. Great episode. Keep it real, I had my own business did a great job in getting it started but could not afford a better location. and had to go out of business after 11 months it was hard to pay two rents each month. I still feel a sense of accomplishment. I would love to see the shows get longer also.Great acting.

  18. Barbara Norman says:

    Thank you Mr. Robert Townsend, for this show; it is great; I love seeing how each character deal with ther own issues; you are showing life can dal out all kinds of things; and we have to keep it moving; know matter what. THANKS AGAIN.

  19. Penny says:

    i reallt enjoy these shows

  20. mary s. says:

    Great episode, good to see that Ocean is taking her time with Mike…she cannot bring another man in the house until her son’s relationship with his dad is worked out. Good to see she is thinking straight.

  21. Anita L. Walker says:

    I really am enjoying all that everyone of you are bringing to the table with this show. Continue in the Spirit of Excellents.

  22. sonya says:

    this is such a great show. I am so clad I found season 3. I keep checking for the next episode of season 2 but I guess 8 was the last because we know have season 3. Mr. Townsend you are doing a wonderful job.

    Thank you

  23. Synatria says:

    I love these mini series, they are so real and touching in so many human aspects of life.

    thank you Robert, you and your crew are such gems.
    including the writer who was gifted to began such episodes.

    love all you guys, God bless

    ps. pls. continue to go light or none at all on the cussin, I want to recommend this to some people in the ministry.

  24. I’m getting that message again that the video I’m trying to watch is unavailable. When will it be available?

  25. yippeee cooking with fish grease the video is playing thank you.

  26. Bonita says:

    I LOVE THIS SERIES. And when Lupe said ” I am better because I finally want better”! Man that line touched my spirit and my personal life. This series needs to be advertised more and put on HBO, Showtime, BET and everything else. I am telling everybody I know about this series. Keep up the good work to all the great actors/actresses and Robert Townsend and Crew.

  27. Ebony says:

    Very good show Mr. Townsend and Cast! Would love for everyone to see it on regular TV. Keep up the good work!

  28. Tee says:

    Love the message at the end:)

  29. Odell says:

    This Is A Great Show! Wow Mr. Robert Townsend never disappoints! The Writing is Brilliant! Ms. Cheryl you’re a Genious Finally Great Images of Our People. Also everyone on this Site I suggest that you order Nght Catches Us on DVD. If you love this you’ll love that Film as well. We need to support ZFilms that Portray us in Positive Images!

  30. Nisha Lomax says:

    Well somebody call me Ocean because I been sooo relating to the character’s plight and her personal growth of truly becoming her own best friend and champion; understanding that its OK when you can’t be there or just can’t give to others sometimes; seeing and accepting people and things as they really are is not giving up on them; learning to give herself what she was giving to others and finally asserting herself to chose herself to meet her needs first. Its the only way she can do what she enjoys most caring for people. To go from $60k income to $18k, always owning to near foreclosure, entrepreneurship to hustle,130lbs to 217 ( still a cokebottle just a 32oz), vacations to staycations, men choices to man dreams can only be God setting me up to a rebuild and an uplifting. I was forced to focus on Him and me. and can’t give right now I need right now. True friends have step up and reminded me just who they are and taught me to accept help. Takers and drainers that I have stubbornly held onto in the name of “not giving up on people” have been let go and I accept that it is OK. It is Ok to say No and that I can’t. Ive run out of 401k, savings, had 3 surgeries in one year since being laid off; sent my son overseas to get man-training for him to only be severly mistreated and no way to get him home BUT I have my sense of humor, artistic talents, military retirement pay, finished my degree (finally), 2 grown children that have done what they can to help financially, friends who refuse let me foreclose, file bankruptcy sit in the dark and also thought my 13 yr old should not spend another day where he is not wanted and brought him home. Three F’s find me resolved past, renewed figor and on my way for to a better life plan based on me and not other’s expectations.

  31. Nisha says:

    Absolutely superb program! Thank you Robert Townsend, Cheryl West, cast and crew for gifting us your wonderful talents. Great storyline, characters, dialogue (sp?), acting and format! Everything seems to very balanced and not over the top. Lessons or messages are served subtly for viewers to see without being preachy or beating us over the head. I am a believer of too much of anything is not good for us; really good things can come in small packages; really great products don’t need advertisement as they sell themselves and often times you can say more with a few sentences than with an hour lecture. Such is the case with this program. I like it the way it is and where it is. I can only imagine that Commercial free, mini webisodes allows for creative freedom, control among other intangibles. It also allows for viewers the independence and inexpensive to view at their leisure and pleasure to review if they wish. But I can’t imagine the costs this way. in any case thank you for sharing. Please continue to be blessed so that we can be blessed!

  32. Lovely says:

    Yes, Lupe put it down her foot that is and is cleaning house… you go girl. Avon (Peggy), I hope everything works out. On to the next episode.

  33. Great series but a couple of unanswered questions are bothering me. Like what happened about the $100 raise and the tenants rights that were violated? Where is the new landlord with his troublemaking self? Love the show!!

  34. Shenethia says:

    I’m late i just found this show yesterday on netflix I thought it was a movie then i google it and see it was a series i enjoyed it lupe kept me in tears and i wish it still came on I enjoyed all the actors and actresses as well

  35. Kristie says:

    yes DVD I loved this

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