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Season Three: Episode 2

Struggling or Surviving

Posted on November 24th, 2010 by Producer @PICtv 35 Comments

Ocean continues to fear for her children, especially Sammy who’s showing the type of anger reminiscent of his father’s. Uncle Bo and Peggy commiserate about their unemployment while a stranger appears to aid Lupe on her road toward survival.

A special message from Leon:

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35 Responses

  1. NAK says:


  2. Kai says:

    I agree w/NAK!!!

  3. Crystal F. says:

    As usual this episode was good like the others, but just too short. Also, it feel like the characters are going no where fast.

  4. Ilia Powell says:

    There must be some sort of time restraints, huh Mr. Townsend??? Other than that, I can see NO reason why the episodes can only be 12-15 minutes. C’mon now! I can see from reading some of the posts other viewers feel the same. Can we get some love???

  5. andrew hague says:

    Good episode. Would like to see more of Janice Lynde who is always excellent.

  6. S. Adkins says:

    Cheryl L. West has done it again. Have loved her work since seeing “Holiday Heart”. Another great episode – just wish they could be longer.

  7. Quita says:

    Sooo goood, but sooo short. I wish it was about 25 mins or longer lol…good show tho

  8. T. Montgomery says:

    Look, yall cant get me hooked and then leave me hanging wanting more like this. That 12 mins. is like a good legal drug. PT Barnum to the tee.

  9. A PATTERSON says:


  10. Bryan Johnson says:

    How is network tv sleeping on this? This is an outstanding show.

  11. Kevin says:

    What do you mean? How could they be better?

  12. Mallonise says:

    Although a fantastic show, the supense keeps you in wanting more, hopefully it can become a tv series soon

  13. Meka says:

    GREAT GREAT show… Mr Townsend has outdone himself with this series

  14. ciara says:

    come on i wanna know what happems neext??!! these episodes are just to short :(

  15. H. Proby says:

    I enjoy each episode. However, I must agree that they are too short but I can understand the creation of suspense by the director to get you to come back for more. I have text all my friends to go back and catch the beginning. Now that I am caught up, please don’t continue to keep us in suspense. Work harder to make this become a network show. It deserves that much because it is addressing a real issue faced by many women today. If Tyler Perry can get so much attention with all his funny stuff, why can’t Townsend get his respect for something that is for real and serious. Network producers, where are you? This is a winner.

  16. Felecia says:

    I like the show but it was a little short. Will the show get more air time?

  17. christine says:

    I love this show …However, as everyone has already stated it needs to be longer….it gets frustrating when it just ends…can’t you get some funding from somewhere to bring it to mainstream tv…maybe Channel 13 (public tv..they have all those english tv shows…and they do get funding)…what about TV One…THEY HAVE ENUF BOOTY STUFF ON THE AIR…What do we need to do to help you…except money….if I had it, I would donate…what about Oprah Winfrey, she hands out plane tickets to Austraila (spell check)…….LET’S GET A CAMPAIGN.

  18. MizB says:

    Ok, I agree that each episode is short, but what we have to realize is that we are getting this without any commercial interruptions. Check out your 30 minutes tv shows and see how many minutes of an episode you truly get. I can although appreciate the idea of this being on tv, if for no other reason more people would get hooked on it. Great job Mr. Townsend.

  19. Simone says:

    The show is excellent. a real life can relate show that we need that is not seen on mainstream. Each episode leaves you hanging and thinking “wow” that could of been me. All the ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybe this should…’ are here in these short snips of living. If this was on network, take out the commercials and that is how long programs are actually are 12-15 mins long. It leaves the audience in suspense…thank you again

  20. Tameka says:

    Love the show but the episodes are way too short…

  21. Sherrigo says:


  22. sandy says:

    As always Mr. Townsend, wonderful show. Ocean looks so broken and tired. Always has to put up the good front “i’m okay, it’s allright etc” sounds like someone else I know. ME!

  23. Carole says:

    As a black woman living abroad I am happy the show can be viewed from around the world. From Senegal to Dubai to Italy, I have turned friends on to this show. Yes, the episodes are short but commercial free tv would be about the same length. I support staying onlineas it is innovative, available to the world and free from television sponsors who have the power at whim to cancel a show that does not appeal to their personal aesthetic.

  24. I am enjoying the show. Love it.
    ‘Nuff said.


  25. Outspoken says:

    Come on People, it is for free! I also wish they could be a bit longer, being that I wait soooooooooooo long for the next installment, but this stuff cost money, which they aren’t asking for.. so please, instead of shooting down the show because of a few more minutes, help support it so that it stays free and open for the WHOLE WORLD! I repeat, I don’t want it on tv because us in the international viewership will not get to see it because of stupid international censorship. Want the love shared, stop being selfish and be willing to allow other people to watch and anguish with you. I would be willing to pay to watch, would you? and What about others who don’t have the possibility to pay? Do they not have a say? Be glad that this wonderful production is being shared with us just so and quit belly-aching… they do a great job with what they have and I am so grateful that I may partake in this fantastic trip into a world that I may not have been in, but do know is real.

    THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER EXTRAORDINARY EPISODE! I love and appreciate every minute!

  26. single mom says:

    Thanks for the Idea , Great article. Resources for single mom are of great interest. It is great see people helping single mothers!

  27. Brittany Johnson says:

    I absolutely love this show! I just happened to stumble upon it and cant take my eyes off.

  28. SouthernGirl59 says:

    I am currently watching seasons 1 – 3 all over again for the 3rd time. I love this show! I have been contacting everyone I can think of to get this show on OWN, BET, TVone, ABC, NBC, CBS, TBS, etc.
    Soap opera’s are on for an hour but they are only 37-38min. in length. They are only an hour because of commercials. Web series don’t have commercials so we are basically getting what you’d get if it were on TV for 30 minutes . . . and we are getting to watch for FREE!

  29. Lovely says:

    Enjoying the new characters…Mrs. Dessa.

    • Lovely says:

      What I meant to say was…and that Mrs. Dessa, loving her.

      Please make the videos in the old format. This way I can view them via mobile. I am able to view the first two seasons but not season 3.

      Thank you,


  30. Pam says:

    I don’t like having to guess about what really went down between Sammy and Senior. But that new owner? WOW, that guy is an excellent actor because I REALLY dislike him!

  31. KeKeMichel says:

    Please put the most recent post First–not last. Thank you.

  32. MzAprylNicole says:

    Im just finding about this show. God knows I wish I would have seen this series years ago. I am a single Mother of 3 children and you have no idea how much I can relate to this show. I know for a fact that God had Robert Townsend create this show to motivate single mothers. To let us mothers know that we are not alone and indeed have hope. I thank God for this show and Im currently watching all 3 seasons. Im very inpressed and humbled by the whole show. Job well done. Saddens me that this did not aire on Major tv stations. We need positive shows such as this instead of the downgrading reality tv.

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