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Season Three: Episode 1

By Omission

Posted on November 18th, 2010 by Producer @PICtv 85 Comments

At the season opener we find Ocean and her family still reeling from the aftermath of Senior’s emotional and physical warfare. Ocean, Lupe and Peggy question their livelihood and how they’ll maintain a roof over their heads. Lupe’s health leaves her feeling especially vulnerable.

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85 Responses

  1. Kenneeda says:

    This episode was a tease….. I WANT MORE lol>…..can’t wait for next weeks episode……still a great show…….

  2. Bobby says:

    I bet it’s because that guy is scared of all the black people living there. Totally racist.

    • chandra says:

      These shows are too short. I was trying to watch one each day becasue I was so far behind. I watched the second half of 1 and all of 2 in one sitting. It is so early in the morning. Robert! do more…….as a fan I also wanna see more ole school music. You can not rewrite the best show ever, but can’t your recreate it like Austin Powers did?

      Just love your creations, keep up the great work!


      Milwaukee, WI

  3. Sharon Bethea says:

    This show depicts the lives of three different women dealing with one common issue of being a single mom. The writer(s) have the ability to share the ills that single mother’s face on a daily basis. Mr. Townsend, thank you so much for creating an awesome piece of work.

  4. MzLadyP says:

    Great season opener. Can’t wait until the next episode.

  5. Sherrie Roberts says:

    Wow, great work! Left me speechless. Looking forward to what’s going to happen next.

  6. Jimmy C. Russell says:

    WOW is all I could some up with. This is such a great work…………I cant wait to see this and it is so real and current with many of our daily lives…………WOW…………(With a tear in my eye)

  7. Marguerite says:

    I was so happy to find this on the web over a year ago. It has been a pleasure to follow. Mr. Townsend, keep up the good work.

  8. Danee R. says:

    Still catching up on old episodes but I couldn’t resist watching the latest. What an amazing job you guys have done! I’ll continue watching and spreading the word. Time to get back to entertainment with relevance and inspiring messages!

  9. India Hines says:

    Really enjoyed the episode. I’ll have to catch up. The actors are on point.

    India HInes
    “Food 4 Your Soul” The Radio Show with India Hines
    Atlantta, GA

  10. MizB says:

    Wow. I didn’t expect to see Ms. Carroll. Great addition to the show. Can’t wait for next episode. Will spread the word for sure.

  11. Yvette X says:

    OMG!!! I heard about this show this morning on the radio. I caught up on all three seasons in one day. I am Hooked!!!!

  12. franklin says:

    Outstanding work. The writer is on point and FINALLY we get to see a show with some substance. I will be watching and I will inform others who enjoy quality cinema. Thanks Townsend.

  13. BROWNGOLD says:

    I am hooked also Yvette, I heard about it too this morning and I watched all three seasons. The struggles we women faced daily being single moms its a challenge. With this program on the web it will enlighten not just one woman but many who are facing the same issues not to give up. Mr. Townsend this is good enough to be on DVD don’t you think everyone!!!

  14. Toni Jackson says:

    This was my first time watching, I was listening to the TJMS, this moring and heard Tom, talking with Robert Townsend,so i had to check it out .I liked it will keep watching and will share with friends.

    • Susa says:

      @Toni Johnson, you need to go and watch Episodes 1 & 2! I watched them all in a day! They are worth seeing and will let you know what is going on!!!

  15. Sharon says:

    Wow…I just watched all of the episodes from the beginning…never even heard of it until an ariticle on black america web today about robert townsend. I am so very impressed and will be recommending to family and friends. It is good enough to be on DVD, TV, the movies whereever it can reach the most people. I am so impressed!!!

  16. leart says:

    This episode does point out what many don’t know, and that is that one shouldn’t make improvements in a rental property, have someone, not on the Lease to occupy the property, and don’t expect to get evicted or the Rent increased.

    Unless otherwise stated in the Lease, a Property is Rented to a specific Tenant(s) for a specific amount, in a certain condition, and if those conditions change, the Tenant could be in violation of the Lease Agreement.

  17. Ms. Doubtfire says:

    D.O.A.S.M. is better than Cable TV! Thank You.

  18. Cynthia says:

    I heard about this show on the radio this morning. For the writer of this show, please have the mom who was handed an eviction notice take the “dirty landlord” to court”. I was in a similar situation some 15 years ago in Bklyn, NY. I started at the municipal building in Bklyn and retrieved the “deed” of the building (reviewed it with a fine tooth comb), took lots of pictures of the building and wrote a chronicle of the events that took place between me and the landlord, who handed me a 30 day notice, that was dated 20 days prior to the time the note was handed to me. Then I went to a lawyer who told me that I made his job easy because I had done all the research and all he had to do was show up for court….I won!!!! I was allowed to stay even with the transitioning of “landlords”. My son was 11/2 years old.

  19. renae o says:

    oh god leon is so fine!great work keep your head up to the sky and he will answer all prayers, dont change a thing.

  20. I’m glad this show is back! Now can I wait week after week for a new episode? I guess I’ll have to huh? :-)

  21. DedicatedOne says:

    Have been a fan of Robert Townsend for years….didn’t know about this show til today…a great body of work…much continued success!

  22. Ms. Moss says:

    This was a amazing episode like the others it touch on something that was happening in my life. My son n I are going through identical situations. What do u do when they act out n u worry about what kind of man they will grow to be. Sitting here with tears in my eyes God please have mercy on young black fatherless males. Feel like time is running out n I have tried everything.

  23. Michelle says:

    I love this show and can’t wait for more episodes!

  24. Vickie J says:

    Heard about the show this morning on the TJMS, enjoyed every minute.

  25. First, I would like to express my gratitude for creating such an outstanding production. I have literally sat in my home office glue to my computer amazed by such an emotional dramatization of each storyline/episode. I have watched Season I, Season II and Episode I of the Season III in its entirety (perhaps only leaving to prepare a snack from my kitchen). The selection of actors and their characterization are truly are outstanding!

    Prior to November 18, 2010, I was not aware of the production: “Dairy of a Single Mom,” or Public Internet Channel. In fact I briefly heard the interview on The Tom Joyner Show this morning and immediately phoned my sister in Colorado! We are hooked and committed to view the currently and future Seasons.

    I have become a devoted fan in after watching the first episode of Season I and will continue to watch intently. I plan on sharing this website with anyone and everyone who crosses my path, and accolades to Mr. Robert Townsend for an exquisite production.


    Your Newest Fan!

  26. Kori Brown says:

    Cant wait til next week.

  27. Crystal F. says:

    So I heard about this show this morning and didn’t think much about it but decided to give it a try for the title alone. I started at the beginning at season one and I must say I’m absolutely hooked. It showed that just because you are living in poorly condition doesn’t neccessary mean you have to act and behave a certain way. And I love the fact that it wasn’t just one race being targeted because problems arise with everyone. Also the fact that each individual wasn’t facing just one problem like in some shows, in real life the saying “if it anit one thing it’s something else” is so true! You guys are doing a great job and PLEASe keep up the great work, I just wish they were longer because you guys have an AWESOME cast! Love it!

  28. Sindy says:

    LOVE, LOVE , LOVE the show !!
    Please keep it coming.
    Everything about the show is great, the acting is amazing, the writing is fresh, soulful, and goes straight to the heart. The characters have so many levels, and you feel for and with them true it all
    The storyline is real and still hopeful, and I truly believe there is a big need for a show like yours now.
    And Leon just bring so much to everything he does, he is an amazing actor, his acting is always flawless and seems effortless with a wonderful depth that he brings to every role he plays, I just love his character in the show, he seem to bring it all together and always leave you wanting more..
    Thank you so much for a fabulous show !!!

  29. Uigei says:

    I love the toolbox to the right….
    Folks in cities all over this country face folks with purple sweaters everyday. It’s a sad thing….sad ’cause everyone is not as empowered as Ocean

  30. Rod says:

    Well I guess you could see it as Racism but I tend to see I see it more as plan old “gentrification.”

  31. mildred nixon says:

    l love this show! I was listening to the radio this morning and heard about the show. I have been on the computer off and on all day watching this show. I couldn’t stop watching it. I am now caught up on all the shows and I just finished watching the first show of season 3. I am hooked. I love robert townsend.

  32. Anirocann says:

    WOW!!!! What a great introduction scene to the new season. Diane Caroll & Jonathan Biggs it can’t get any better. I was so impressed with D.O.A.S.M. that I can’t believe it’s not on a major network or cable. This is a great show with life lessons & wholesomeness which most shows lack these days. Congratulations to Mr. Townsend for an outstanding show.

    • D.Marie19 says:

      I totally agree it should be on cable or regular tv its a hit show all he has to do is make them a lil longer…heck that’ll make em even MORE interesting i hope they look at these comments cuz we want more

  33. Tess says:

    That young actor Sammy- Jonathan Biggs is AMAZING! I was totally hooked during that 1st scene. You made me a FAN. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait til next week.

  34. Valenzia says:

    I cant believe that man is raising the rent $100.00!! Such a bastard… He wont even give his tenants a chance… Ugh makes me soo mad… lol… Well I love the show and I look forward to next weeks episode!!! Excited to see where this awesome cast & crew takes us in the journey of season 3:)

  35. KSG says:

    Wow! I’ve never seen seasons one or two. This came to me from a blackgospelpromo email blast. Glad I had a chance to check this out. Really does a good job in such a short time in helping raise awareness regarding issues for this demographic (black single parents).

  36. D.Marie19 says:

    I love this show heck i love anything with Leon in it lolz but i really fell in love with this show…I think by them being so short though i am going have to wait a few weeks before watching another one so im not just watching 12mins. But i love the show think the opener could’ve been longer and a little more interesting but i love the show and will come back and support most def!

    DanYell Marie’

  37. Marilyn says:

    Finally Season 3…now I don’t have to watch 1 and 2 repeatedly. :-) Kudos to ALL involved!!! You make “us” sooo proud!

  38. naimah says:

    WOW!!!!!! I just got finished watching season 1 & 2 and season 3 opener. This has got to be one of the best shows on , The cast is excellent , the writing is amazing and the camera quality is exceptional. My only complaint is that it isn’t longer. GREAT JOB to everyone involved

  39. George says:

    This is a fantastic show. It seems that some of the best shows are on the web. It should be on network television, but every time you get a show that’s even close to this quality, it’s canceled by network executives who don’t know anything about quality programming.

    Great writing, and a phenomenal cast – really a “Who’s Who” of talent. Looking forward to the DVD.

  40. Terry Tabor says:

    LOVE THE SHOW! I am surprised that it is not on HBO, BET, TVone, SHOW TIME or some other tv station. This is one of the best serials I have seen and can’t wait to see more of. KEEP IT UP…. I am loving it.

  41. Malique says:

    I’m hooked! Can’t wait for more. Thank you!!!

  42. shereene says:

    I’ve been waiting so long for this new season! I love these webisodes. Its a shame more people don’t know about this great show. They are really missing out! Great job again on an awesome show!

  43. Casper says:

    What does a mother do as a single mom, when her son disrespects her? Yes good question, it’s hard to answer, but Ocean has taken he right steps, with her son, therapy, but let hope he gets it. Mine is now 30 yrs. of age, and he still doesn’t get it. I need more 2, I’m hooked.

  44. Angela says:

    omg!!! I can’t stop crying…..I love this…..i heard about it on the radio the other day and i found it online and i watched every show from beginning to end and OMG i love it my eyes are soooo red from crying when and what time can i watch the next episode….i can’t wait. This is real life all day!

  45. sandy says:

    I LOVE this! Robert, thanks so much!!!!!!

  46. Marilyn says:

    ksg: You need to watch it from episode one and you will see it is about not only the demorgraphic of a black single mom, but also a hispanic single mom and a white single grandmother all trying to survive with very little. There are people in all walks of like struggling it is not just a black thing. This show is about coming together as one and climbing from the bottom of the totem pole and clawing your way to the top. This has something in it for everyone.

  47. Rozzie says:

    Thank you Mr. Townsend

  48. helen says:

    As usual the show in the few short minutes says volumes, i can’t wait until the next show, also waiting for the tv version of “Diary of a Single Mom” keep up the good work….

  49. Kim says:

    Just caught up on season 1 and 2 and was trying to watch the first episode of 3 but the video is unavailable :( . I love the show I just wish they could be a little longer than 10-13 mins in length. I need more please I am hooked.

  50. VReadu says:

    I was excited to hear and see that Season 3 was available for viewing! If I can’t get more that 12 mins, I’m gonna lose MY MIND! This is great! Great Job Cheryl, cast and crew! I’m anxiously awaiting Season 3 Episode 2 and the rest! Teasers!! Good idea.

  51. Krystal says:

    I love this show! I am a single mom that can relate to many of the situations that ocean has and is going through. It is a tough job raising kids and trying to further your education without the help of their father and family. Keep up the good work single mothers because there is a blessing waiting for your hard work.

  52. Writespirit says:

    This show continues to be the best show on the internet, actually one of the best shows ever. Mr. Townsend, thank you for bringing quality entertainment with a message. I will continue to tune in. BTW: can we stretch it out to 15 minutes? LOL.

  53. Kevin says:

    OMG…I cannot believe Sammy?? This is getting really deep. Was that Mrs. Carroll? This season is going to be even better!

  54. Mark says:

    Great start to the season! Keep it coming!

    • VJ says:

      I am obviously a “late bloomer”! I just found out about this show. I have viewed Seasons 1 and 2 but I am lost. What happened to Ocean’s deadbeat husband? After watching this episode, I ve learned that Lil Sammy tried to shoot him? There is a missing link somewhere.

  55. Karen S. says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!! I heard about it on the Tom Joyner Morning Show a few days ago and I took the time to watch Seasons 1 and 2 last night and I fell in love! Although I’m not a single mom I still am able to relate to what it takes to struggle to maintain a home life for yourself and your children. I love the dynamics of each character and you are drawn into the lives of each of these people. Great job Robert Townsend as I’ve been a fan of yours since Hollywood Shuffle. I know this series is going to be a success and I look forward to next week’s episode.

  56. Ms. Kutiekat says:

    I heard about this series on the Tom Joyner Morning Show recently. And just watched season 1, 2 and the season 3 opener and I’m hooked! Definitely made for TV, however keep your online audience.

    As a young single mom of 2 I can relate to the characters on so many levels, especially Ocean’s. Keep up the good work!!!

  57. Steve says:

    Stellar performance’s by the entire cast. Take a moment to consider allowing mobile users to also view the show.

    As principle with mobilefilmworks, I would love to speak with you about doing so.

  58. syndi7 says:

    this is why i have to wait for the season to be over with to watch…this just left me hanging even more…

  59. This is a powerful show. I have a non profit for single moms and we are going to discuss the shows on our facebook page.

  60. Ms. PR says:

    This is my first time watching – so far so good, can’t wait to watch the next one!

  61. CAA says:

    Read about the show in Jet a few weeks ago. One night last week I could not sleep. Logged on and watched seasons 1 and 2. I was stuck to my computer. Great start to the new season. Happy to see some quality tv rather than that reality crap that has our young people caught up in so much drama. Keep it cpoming.

  62. Robin says:

    I just love it!!! I heard the interview on TJMS and decided to check it out. I watched all of season 1 and 2 and the 1st episode of season 3. I can’t wait for the next episode. The actors are wonderful!!!! God bless you as you continue to be a blessing for all of us.

  63. Pam Slaughter says:

    I love this show! So much of this was what I went through as a single mom, including making a little community full of love, tragedy and well, life. I’m now an adult professional having gone to college at night like Ocean… I still have a little community of wonderful, diverse women friends that are on a similar journey of growth through it all. Some things never change. Mr. Townsend- please continue- don’t leave us hanging! <3

  64. Denise says:

    Love Cheryl West’s writing. I’d seen Jar The Floor in the past and was deeply moved by it. She’s a great dramatist.

    Starting to see a pattern though. Every time that phone rings, during or after a happy moment, we know that something terrible is about to happen.

  65. Ilia Powell says:

    The is the best show, in my humble opinion since “the wire.” I know totally different genre’s but equally excellent and real! My only problem is how short the episodes. C’mon, can’t they at least be like 22 minutes, which I understand is network tv sans commercials.I really love it though. Having been a single mom for years, it would have been great being in a building with so much support when my children were kids. Keep up the great story lines.

  66. SouthernGirl59 says:

    ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox or some network needs to pick this show up and make it at least a 30min show weekly! I love it! I am addicted! I am telling everyone about this webisode!

  67. Sheryl B says:

    Wow, I’m speechless. Just for now.

  68. ClassySaffy says:

    I love this show!!!!!! This episode was really good!!!!! Plus adding Diahann Carroll makes it even better!!!!

  69. jeanetta says:

    great show love it cant wait till it comes on again it need to come on tv

  70. single mom says:

    Another Great Episode

  71. single mom says:

    Thanks for the Idea , Great article. Resources for single mom are of great interest. It is great see people helping single mothers!

  72. Tasha Woods says:

    Great show, the characters are sooooo realz!

  73. ohsotrue says:

    Lately I have left comments but I don’t see them deplayed. This make me sad, I too have a voice and need to be heard.

  74. Stacy says:

    Just watched WBW and heard Mr.Townsend new work. The first episode was great now I need to watch the other 9. I have put the word out to my FB friends I hope they take the advice and watch. Good to be back on your movie line RT! PEACE

  75. Lisa Washington says:

    Just watched all 3 seasons and LOVE this! Thanks Mr. Townsend for more great stories with meaning, messages and character. Speaking of character, Billy Dee is tearing up the screen with his acting. Nice to see him not so ‘smooth’. If there was any doubt, the man can ACT! I’m hoping Mr. Townsend will be making a guest appearance in season 4. (hopefully coming soon!) I laughed, I cried…I jacked some of the quotes and used them as my Face Book statuses! (and will post links to this show as well.)

    I have heard the news that this show may get picked up by TV One and hope that it does for the exposure, but also worry that the rawness and REALness of the program may get watered down as can happen with broader based TV shows. This show is great as it so don’t let them change it!

    An old fan of Robert Townsend and new fan of this show,


    P.S. Also just learned that RT directed Holiday Heart. LOVED that as well. Looks like you can do no wrong Mr. T. Keep up the good work. I am inspired. :)

  76. Lovely says:

    I am so happy this show is back. I can’t get it on my mobile anymore so I am sooo behind. Season 3 so far….it’s Great!!! I know Ocean, Lupe and Avon will prevail. I hope little miss Trina don’t get out of hand in the up and coming episodes. I hope she learn to repect herself and those who truly love and care for her. OK let me get back to the episodes. But before I do. Shout out to everyone who is apart of the show and a special thanks to Robert T.

  77. Denise says:

    Great concept and median to show the work. Love it and continued success to Robert Townsend. We want to learn from you in what we Credle Rock Enterprise is doing here in the DMV..Please check us out and feedback is always welcomed…

  78. Soulful says:

    This is a well acted/ directed series. This deserved to get more attention. Monica Calhoun from “The Best Man Holiday” is awesome here. She deserves more recognition. Hopefully with the success of the movie she will get the recognition she deserves. Good job Mr. Townsend.

    • Pia says:

      I Agree. Monica Calhoun def. needs more recognition. I just saw the best man holiday which brought me here. She is so underrated.

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