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Season Two: Episode 1

Anyone for a Miracle?

Posted on October 5th, 2010 by Alexis Cala 32 Comments

In our season opener, Christmas looms and Ocean prays for a miracle as she involves her husband – and father of her children – more in all of their lives.  Lupe‘s medical issues require attention and Mike is there to provide support; however, he still insists Sophie is better off with him. Peggy is showing the strain from looking for a job and dealing with the mounting bills.

32 Responses

  1. SierraMedora says:

    I love these episodes and I have so much been waiting to see more. I hear you mention bringing the episodes to television. I do hope so as it has been truly inspiring for me as a single mother fighting the odds each and everyday.

  2. Outlandt says:

    I hope that it stays online so that we who don’t live in the states can keep watching and supporting. I would even send money in support of this show, but I believe that the worldwide audience should no longer be shut out of wonderful heartwarming and true to life programming due to all kinds of commercial blocks. I am passing the word around to my friends both in the states and here in europe. It would be a shame that once we all get on board, we are instantly omitted from the viewing community, because we don’t have international access rights. Stay online and share this with the world. Can’t wait for more, thank you so much for this show.

  3. Tanequa says:

    All I can do is cry everything that ocean has been throught I been throught and still going throught it.All I can say is deep if I never had a reason to keep pushing other then may kids I do now.

  4. C4Queens says:

    I so love this program. From the music to the writing. Even at my age, I was so inspired and felt so good after watching the episodes. Thank you Mr. Townsend!!

  5. Dasunny1 says:

    This a a very unique but true depiction of a Single Blakc female, I Luv ALL of the episodes. You have done a Great job Mt Robert Townsend, I met you back in the early 90′s when you came to ALABAMA & I WISH U WELL.

  6. stephmcg37 says:

    Does anyone know how or where I can watch the other eppis? I want to catch up on this wonderful show.

  7. butterflygurl08 says:

    Thank you so very much for this opportunity to hold the stories, hopes, dreams, and pains of solo moms. Regardless of how our children come to us, they all come with a story. I thank you for validating our story…. peace

  8. katamb41 says:

    i love this show all the 9 episodes that i have watched have touched me in so many ways. I can relate to alot of the scenes that has happened in all of the episodes

  9. misezb says:

    is anyone having trouble viewing episode 9?

  10. dan says:

    Hi misezb, are you still having difficulties viewing Episode 9?

  11. misezb says:

    yes, I am. Help!!!???

  12. cyn94601 says:

    try it in firefox. I couldn’t see episode 1 or 9 until i stopped using IE and went to firefox.

  13. ladyvee62 says:

    episode 9 would not load up I would love to see it

  14. tvtalk says:

    Great episode, is Ocean in denial about Sam sr and her niece fooling around? When she walked in on them the two of them jumped about 10 feet. Something is going on there. Her niece is underage.

  15. mrsblackson says:

    I have been waiting for months for the new episode. This show is great! I was a single mom for 2 years after my divorce and can relate to many of the experiences of Ocean.

  16. debrabyrd says:


  17. student21jrh says:

    I really enjoyed this….I am a fan of Monica’s…wished this was a television series.

  18. dan says:

    Hey fans… Anyone who was having trouble loading up this episode should try again. There may have been a problem for a small number of people with certain browser configurations… I think we fixed it up. Thanks.

  19. j_springer2009 says:

    i think these short stories are very important to a single moms life the small thing to others are large to us especially when it comes to taking care and pleaseing out children

  20. tnragin says:

    I am surprised that she would ignore the fact that Sr. is obviously molesting or making his move to molest Trina. She said “you act like I’m the one trying to get something started.” But it was so obvious when she walked in on them. I am really disappointed at the way this is being handled (or ignored).

  21. syndi7 says:

    hell no, a mother knows! u sense he is messing with that girl…ughhh

  22. val says:

    something is not right; hey we know what;s up with her man

  23. bwilliams129 says:

    As usual Robert has out done himself. I found out about the show through a blurb in Essence magazine today. I checked out the site and wound up watching 1 through 16. I absolutely love the show and hope it will be picked up as a series. Great affirmations and having been a single parent, the depiction is true.

  24. Niecee Holden says:

    Ummm . . . so good! I can see being in denial! That is what makes this so true to life. Being family . . . you want so hard to believe the best in others . . . even if youe eyes are telling you otherwise. What was she supposed to do???? Call CPS, and say . . . I have a sneaky feeling my baby daddy is molesting my underage niece???Come on . . . get real: like the show! Love it!!!

  25. Shareesa says:

    Wow! Finally quality programing on-line, Kudos to Mr Townsend and company for providing us with story lines that people can relate to.

  26. Tosin Coker says:

    I’m so totally gutted that she let Senior move back in! But denial is a mutha. This show is real!

    I’ve been late finding out about this, but I’ve put a link to it on my fan page. This webseries is phenomenal and I truly hope it stays online. Being from the UK, I never would have heard about it otherwise. The Internet is a powerful medium, that is, as far as I’m concerned, more potent and real than TV.

    • Kevin says:

      I completely agree. I feel if it were to come to National TV it would be watered down and completely changed. I just discovered this show a couple of days ago as well, and it is a wonderful series!

  27. Carol Keomanila says:

    My daughter I started watching Season One, Episode One at 4pm. We could not stop. It is now 5:45 pm and we are having to drag outselves away from the computer. We absolutley love every episode we have watched and will be tuning back in to catch up.
    Wonderful show!!!!

  28. AnthonyT says:

    I started watching season three first without realizing that there were seasons one and two. I started at the beginning and I think that this is a great cast, great acting and a great storyline. I think that network television is missing stories like this that need to be told more often. Just people looking out for each other and trying to make it one day at a time. I just love this series…..Hope that there are many more seasons to come.

  29. Beth Zeiss says:

    Help! I have Safari and episode 1 will not load – it shows a little over a minute, then starts over again!

  30. Wynne' says:

    This is really deep!! I’m in love with it all!! Please continue!! You are both a blessing and blessed!! “KISSES!!”

  31. Lady T says:

    I feel in love worth the show from the very first viewing!! Please keep them coming. Refreshing and heart-warming!

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