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  1. abdelrahim says:

    i need to know easy way to use the facebook website

  2. Dinesh says:


  3. utkarsh says:

    i want to create my account on facebook

  4. ch3pay says:

    i want my facebook account always updated if there is any changes or new on can i do this??

  5. lois lewis says:

    I would like to know how to set up an account

  6. lois lewis says:

    I am not sure how to set up an account

  7. lois lewis says:

    Would you send informantion to e-mail account how to retrieve account or how to set one up Thank You

  8. Alexis Cala says:

    For everyone looking for more information about how to set up Facebook, here is the step-by-step guide:

    Let us know if there are any other ways we can help with this, we definitely appreciate the feedback. Thanks – Alexis

  9. alexandra says:

    how cant i us it

  10. Charles wang says:

    you guys rock

  11. Enrique says:

    How do you make your own facebook

  12. treyson says:

    i love facebook

  13. Ali Manssur says:

    From Iraq. Living in Ottawa Canada.

  14. Kenneth says:

    Facebook is really cool and this my first one and it is gong to be really fun talk to my friends over the summer thanks

  15. i need a new account

  16. facebook is really kool i can talk to my daddy, family and friends

  17. emma says:

    is says im inaligible to sing in

  18. Taya says:

    how to make a facebook i love you

  19. Taya says:

    hi i love facebook

  20. Kenneth R. Hendrix says:

    I want to know how to cancel by facebook account.

  21. linda enbody says:

    my daughter got on my computer and logged into her facebook account now i can’t get into mine, help!

  22. Tata says:

    Get a good face book

  23. cant remember password and need another password

  24. Judy Schutz says:

    My sister and I share a computer. We used to have 2 accounts for Facebook and could just login to our own account. Something happened and now only her account shows up as primary. I can’t find my account to sign in. I would like my account back with my contacts instead of having everyone think I’m her. Her name comes up associated with the page with her photo. How do I solve this?

    • Alexis Cala says:

      Hi Judy, if you haven’t already, I would try logging out of your sister’s Facebook page and log in with your information. If she saved her sign in info (checking the box that says “remember me”) it may be defaulting to her page.

  25. chandershekhar says:

    do it again

  26. chandershekhar says:

    gigs! Write something good

  27. dan says:

    trying to set up facebook ?

  28. Lovette says:

    I need to learn how to set an account on Facebook.

  29. crystal says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone

  30. Robbie Hyde says:

    How do I find/access my account???

  31. daniella says:

    hi my special friends

  32. cindy says:

    this did not help me at all

  33. caleb weist says:

    i need too learn how to set a facebook acount

  34. Kathy annDiaz says:

    I have a problem. I deleted my photos from facebook profile since September 2010 and i need to get them back COULD YOU HELP ME .

  35. jonathan says:

    need face book ac..

  36. new account in the facebook

  37. hi how are you i don no what is comment

  38. says:


  39. jennifer says:

    need help lol………………………….

  40. stepahnie says:

    i had a facebook but i forgot my password wat should i do

  41. tempest says:

    hey i want a facebook because i get bored

  42. eris says:

    Thnxx For program Very nice Programe…:P

  43. tamarahenry says:

    how can we make a new

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