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Los Americans: Episode 1

Happy Birthday

Posted on August 18th, 2014 by Producer @PICtv 78 Comments

Leandro (or “Lee” as he prefers to be called) Valenzuela’s idyllic suburban world is shaken as he deals with losing his job, his mother’s alcoholism and three new houseguests – his homeboy cousin Memo, who he hasn’t seen in thirty years, Memo’s undocumented wife and their overweight son.

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78 Responses

  1. WOW… great show, and great music…..keep up the great work!

  2. Ms. Friskie says:

    I just discovered this show and I love it. I hope there are more episodes in the making. This is what is missing on TV real shows with meaning. Great actors to…

  3. Luis says:

    LEE??? Lol the cuzzin is crazy! Thats it is though shit id say the same stuff!

  4. ivonne says:

    I love the writing and the cinematography. The show has a film like quality which is very nice.

    Kudos to the production staff and the cast.


  5. Beverly Overstreet says:

    Wow Dennis. I am sooo impressed! When is the “Karaoke” episode? and who was that redhead in the entryway? LOL
    All kidding aside. I wish you all the luck and success because there is already enough talent to go around.

  6. Inez Gonzalez says:

    Great show. Why isn’t it on T.V.?

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    LOS AMERICANS Episode 1 Happy Birthday

  9. Timo Robinson says:

    I really enjoyed the 1st epi, getting ready to watch the 2nd one, I have Latin blood on my Moms Side of the Fam. This show is AWESOME and Shall continue to watch, Tony Plana, Lupe, Esai did excellent work in this project, GREAT JOB to all

  10. RICARDO GARCIA says:

    Es una idea genial y aplaudida, muy bien por el Sr. Morales, pero comparto la opinion de Jose Garcia, los latinos ya no somos como antes, hoy dia somos mas civilizados mas estudiados, pero degraciadamente seguimos siendo los mas ignorados, ya basta de que los estados Unidos nos traten como gente de tercera cuando en ellos existe gente que es mas ignorante que los latinos.
    Apoyemos este trabajo, comentemoslo con todos nuestros familiares y amogos para que se sigan dando estos espacios y tal vez en un futuro no muy lejano los Estados Unidos, se den cuenta que somos una minoria que biene muy fuerte, nos tienen que hacer caso.
    P.D. Existen muchos latinos que tambien quieren ver este tipo de trabajo, por lo cual le pido a los productores que tengan en cuenta que muchos no hablan ingles, espero que tomen en consideracion este punto y que sub-titulen las serie; En hora buena. Felicidades.

  11. Sergio Vásquez says:

    Buena propuesta, felicidades, aunque me hubiese gustado que fuera en español con sub-títulos en inglés, al menos para los hispano-parlantes que no vivimos en los USA.

  12. Georgina says:

    Excelente una realidad

  13. Jose Garcia says:

    creo que es una bonita serie de una realidad que viven muchos latinos en los estados unidos, donde el desempleo, juega un papel fundamental ya que es algo que esta afectando a muchos de nuestro compatriotas por aquellos lados, y que muchas beses se enfrenta en tener que ayudar a otros familiares que esta en una condición mas difícil pero que es algo de admirar en nosotros los latinos, lo que no me párese es que esta echa para los latinos que vive en los estados unidos y creo que los latinos del otro lado o sea los que viven en latino américa, le gustaría verla tan bien y lamentablemente solo esta en ingles, ya estamos aburrido de las series americanas que siempre presentan a los latinos como persona ignorantes y muestran a nuestros países como retrasado si no vea en las series americana donde la mayoría de beses cuando aperasen diesen que ciudades latina lo que muestran son caballos gallinas cerdos y personas vestidas con harapos ablando de una forma estrana, no digo que no existen pero no como lo muestra ellos ya es tiempo que los EEUU tenga mas respeto por los latinos, sigan adelante y los felisito que dios les bendiga y hay que apoyar la serie ok.

  14. Janet A. says:

    I just saw the 1st episode due to the interview with Esai Morales on CNN Espanol. I liked it very much; it was interesting and believable. I’m American by way of Puerto Rico, born in New York and raised in the “hispanic american” culture. I can relate to Lee when it comes to the ‘accent’ issue because of the mocking that I heard people make towards my mother. I swore to speak English properly and with the least accent possible, however, my mom insisted that we (my brothers and I) learn to speak, read, and write in Spanish and I will be forever grateful. I’m not ashamed in the least of being Puerto Rican by blood and very proud to be American by birth as well. I believe this show will certainly be a learning experience for the younger generation of “Los Americans”. I will be spreading the word on facebook and hope to get a following for you from all of my friends. Thank you for showing others that we are not very different because we all share the same social issues. Thank you again and God bless you all.

  15. Absolutely relevant! I wish this could be seen by people outside US, in hispanic countries, where many have a wrong perception about us, Los Americanos. When this great series in Latin America? Remember we are very missundertood by people on this side of the river as it is on the other…

  16. marco says:

    good idea esai to produce this kind of serious but i have some problems with the audio starts later than movie i supposed that it’s my broadband congratulations and more chapters please

  17. Marisela says:

    Congrats Dennis and all the team. Excelent!!!

  18. Abel Salas says:

    Hi Dennis, Esai, Lupe and all! Really a well done and very interesting look at the real Latino USA. LA Weekly has asked me to write a piece for their website about it. Will contact the publicity folks, but might need a brief quote or two from someone. Gracias.

  19. Shawna Baca says:

    Fantastic Dennis… I love it!

  20. Luis Torres says:


  21. Luis Torres says:

    Congratulations! Solid work. I’m eager to see the remaining episodes.

    If Lalo Guerrero were still with us he’d have to write about “Chicanos on the Internet.”

  22. Randy says:

    Dennis, great stuff! As they say, “I can relate.” Been down many of the same roads. Gary turned me on to the series, and I’m looking forward to further episodes. Hope you and Debbie are well. Still waiting on the other show?

    • Dennis Leoni says:

      Hey Randy… Glad you liked it. Four more episodes to come. And, yes, still waiting, but always moving forward. Hope to see you soon because that would mean…

  23. Karen says:

    I’m a typical ‘white bread’ gal fom Canada and it’s easy to relate to..LOVED the show…can’t wait to watch the rest…

  24. Alegria says:

    This show ROCKS EVERYBODY should watch it

  25. Gra says:

    I love your show. I laughed and cried! First generation, not born here but, I can relate. I am promoting your show. No Ph D class in bilingual, crosscultural education can teach so much like all of your are. Congratulations!

  26. Piper Davenport says:

    I’m African-American and I couldn’t get into this. It was boring! Now, that doesn’t mean it’s because they are Latinos. I saw the movie, Nothing like the Holidays and own it on DVD. Great movie! I live in Detroit, Michigan, where the Latinos are segregated to the Southwest. I’m trying to understand the Latino experience in America. Am a writer and would love to write about the relationship between blacks and Latinos. Any ideas?

    • Amelia says:

      Hi Piper. I loved it right away, cause it was very real, but thats me and I hated Nothing Like the holidays, so maybe it’s just you have a different taste for shows/movies. But did you watch the 2nd episode? I thought it was even better. I think the best way to understand the Latino experience is to keep watching Latino shows and to make friends with Latinos and hang out on the Southwest. I don’t know Detroit, I’m just assuming that’s OK to do. I hope it is, if not move to California! We would love to have you.

    • Thanks, Piper! We encourage feedback on our shows — the kudos and the critiques — so we can keep getting better. The good news: is also interested in expanding its blogger index. So, send us your blog as soon as possible. Email us at

  27. Liss says:

    Am I the only one that didn’t love it? I’m completely supportive of the narrative and realistic Latino character portrayals but I’m not sure that was accomplished. I thought the writing was weak and the acting seemed forced. Great concept but thematically I found it too heavy handed for a 17 minute pilot. Just felt a little preachy. I can’t imagine this being picked up by a network in its current form. Lots of potentially though. Kudos to a great cast. Not sure if I will keep watching – I’m assuming that as a 25 year old Latina I am the target audience demographic, right? Maybe it’s because I really don’t like “Lee.” Your main character should be likeable no? Regardless, mucha suerte. I’m sure this the beginning of something very special.

  28. JROD says:

    I re-watched the first episode again after seeing episode 2 today. Really great start to a new series. Raves all around. My only rant is the age of the “children”. The birthday scene shows that Lee is 42 and his wife appears to be in her 30′s. Did she have her kids in her teens? Even if this is the case, why? Maybe I’m speaking too soon and this will be addressed. Caucasian families on TV almost always have young children even if they are in their 50′s, even 60′s. Check out HBO’s ‘Treme”. Melissa Leo is in her 50′s, John Goodman is almost 70 and their kids are in elementary school in the series!!! Now that’s going a bit far I must admit. I’m just saying, lets keep it real. I”m loving Los Americans but what happens next season when the kids are off to college. As a father in my early 40′s, my kids are in elementary school and I would love to see this family deal with all the issues that face the modern parent of young children. We have the CW and WB for pre-adults already.

  29. Rosemary Ruiz Fernandez says:

    I enjoyed the first installment of Los Americans. I hope it gets picked up soon. As the eldest daughter in a traditional “Los Americans” family a lot of the subject matter rings true. Personally, I would like to see a little more individual character development as opposed to so many issues highlighted in each episode. This will allow everyone who watches it to root for the character as opposed to debating the subject matter. It’s kind of like, “Hate the sin, love the sinner” philosophy. Look forward to the next episode.

  30. Great! Esai plays the typical uptight Chicano. Lupe looks like a real alcoholiv. Is she a method actress?

  31. Elisabeth Arroyo says:

    Bro, I didn’t know you produced this too. that’s great!! does david or anyone else know? the show was really good, I like it alot. It deals with alot of issues that families deal with everyday, that’s what I like about it, also that it has some very good actors. again brother congratulations on your new show, I wish you alot of luck and blessing from above.

  32. Elisabeth Arroyo says:

    wow my brother (Esai Morales) did a bang up job. He has done other T.V. shows, but I really like this one. he has done movies, 1 or 2 dealing with this topic but out of all this one focuses on alot of real issues going on. congrats bro. does mom and dad know? awesome job.

  33. Mike Powell says:

    Dennis, you did a great job! I really liked it, but where do I see the other episodes? Mike Powell

    • Dennis Leoni says:

      They’re coming… a new episode premieres every Thursday – TOMORROW – at noon PST for the next seven weeks.

  34. What a wonderful beginning! I can’t wait for the next episode.

    It is so wonderful to see REAL PEOPLE from our Latina/o community on television.

    Will this play on cable TV as well? I hope so!


    Jorge A. Huerta, Ph.D.

    • Dennis Leoni says:

      Dr. Huerta, we’re hoping to find distribution on a cable or broadcast network. Thanks for watching.

  35. Lisa Matthews says:

    Great job Val! We can’t wait to see more!

  36. Kitty says:

    Awesome beginning, excited to see where it goes from here. Bravo to the cast and crew for a wonderful beginning! =0)

  37. Elia Esparza says:

    An excellent production with an outstanding cast. Story is right on! For those of us who were were not raised in the barrio, the clash between some relatives is something we lived in our family. Half of us went to college, many married and worked their tails off in labor intensive jobs, and a few ended up at San Quentin. That’s Mi Familia, a little of everything. Los Americans captures a real sense of an American Latino family. And, I love the music…From Lalo to the credit roll! Congrats, Dennis and Robert Townsend!

  38. GusTAVO says:

    great pilot…. As a Mexican”o” living in a white community, i can relate to this. I speak spanish but my kids do not. Neither does my wife….I like the premise of this show….look forward to more episodes

    • Rafael Sánchez says:

      Lamento profundamente que tus hijos no puedan hablar español. Si se pierde el idioma, en 2 o 3 generaciones sólo quedará el apellido en español y poco más. Eso es lo que ocurre en Filipinas, todos tienen apellido español pero ya nada o casi nada los une a la cultura hispana. Mantener el idima español es fundamental para seguir siendo un grupo homogeneo y no perder las raices. Así lo veo yo.

  39. Mike Chinea says:

    Congrats!! Love the universal theme of a typical American family going through things we all go through no matter where your ancestors might have originated.
    If I have one negative thing to say is that Abuelita should be a more discerning alcoholic, Chardonay with that meal? A Tempranillo or a Syrah perhaps?
    Great going and all the very best to everyone. Solid.

    • Dennis Leoni says:

      Beef, lamb, chicken or fish… Grandma drinks Chardonnay with everything. And I mean everything.

  40. This episode was a wonderful start to a show I’m now very much looking forward to!! :) The performances were fabulous all across the board, and this show speaks to my experience as a Hispanic the way few things do. Thank you! And congrats on a great premiere! :)

  41. Lisa Dominguez says:

    We need more Latino shows like this!! Great cast! Love Esai Morales.

  42. Kevin says:

    When does the series premier? Our music “first time in love” can be heard in the scene when the Grandma enters the liquor store to buy some booze.

  43. Mike Minna says:

    Great! I was feeling the tension when the homeboy showed up. Can’t wait to see what happens in next episode.

  44. Julia Vera says:

    I loved the photography, sound, set decoration. Lupe as always a wonderful actress. All of the cast is the best. Keep them coming.
    Oh, and the delivery of the lines, No hysterics. Very control. But I could feel the blood boiling underneath.

  45. Serena says:

    reminds me of my family alot…cool show

  46. luis lASSEN says:

    Good acting and good production…Well done…Congratulations!

  47. Jesus Nebot says:

    Congratulations Dennis, Esay, Yvonne, Lupe, Tony and everyone else involved in this great show! Much success to all of you with Los Americans!

  48. Maria Martinez says:

    *instead of them being proud

  49. Alexito el Bonito says:

    BRAVO!!! Dionisio, Esai, Yvonne, Chaparrita de Oro y hasta el colado del Tony!!! Mas, mas, mas… Is this going to be weekly? Don’t make me wait.

  50. Maria Martinez says:

    Loved it! I can relate to on trying to progress in such ways and you always have someone in your family instead of them not being proud of accomplishments you have made but they rather laugh….and find something to make you look bad in front of others…

  51. Liliana Grip says:

    Excellent show. Can’t wait for next Thursday. Congratulations to Dennis and the cast.

  52. great show, and great music…..keep up the great work!

  53. Ann Clifton says:

    He should have won an emmy for his portrayal of Tuco on Breaking Bad and for his work on The Closer.

  54. Ann Clifton says:

    Raymond Cruz is so great! He can play such a wide array of believable characters. H

  55. Ramon V. Parra says:

    Tillilating and short enough to want to view more. Good job!

  56. Blanca Pintor says:

    The Cast is Terrific … I want t o see more. Esai your acting is believable. You have made your character real and I want to see more of him and his family. I cant wait for the next episode.

  57. Tracy says:

    Well done, believable characters, and real life situations a lot of us can relate to. Can’t wait for episode #2!

  58. Dan Guerrero says:

    ¡Excelente! Congrats Dennis and all the team. Top notch in every way.

  59. I had to laugh at the dining room scene. I have that same table. Common threads among Latinos. :) In each of the characters I could see someone I knew in my community and my very own family. Great start.

  60. Luiza Maal says:

    Good Show!

    • Jenny says:

      I agree. Fantastic show. I love the casting of this series. Really great actors. Esai and Yvonne are SO good together! And the mother in law and cousin. Really funny. Great job. The writing is great too. Can’t wait to see more. When?

  61. Eva Lyon says:

    I love it. This is the real life for many latin american people to come to USA.

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