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Los Americans: Episode 8

Going to Mexico

Posted on August 18th, 2014 by Producer @PICtv 84 Comments

While everyone worries about the challenges Ariel’s pregnancy presents for the family, Lee has finally lined up his perfect dream job. Things go from bad to horrible when Pilar is taken away by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, apparently turned in by Victoria’s husband Jack. Pouring salt into the wound, Lee’s dream job interview becomes a nightmare.

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84 Responses

  1. Rafael Sánchez says:

    Hi all,
    this should be a must-see chapter in every high school (not only in the US but also abroad). Here in Spain happens ironically the same than in Usa, because not many people is fluent in another language but Spanish. Until not so long ago, the learning of a second language (normally English) started at 12. I read that this is the age when the human brain begins to lose the capacity to learn another language.

    Creo que perder el idioma español os hará perder vuestra identidad.
    No se trata solo de hablarlo en casa, sino de hacer que se convierta en una herramienta de uso diario, sin complejos.

    Un saludo la para todos.

  2. Victoria says:

    I first learned about this show my senior year in college when a professor of an immigration class I was taking introduced us to the series. I love this show and really hope they bring it back. It can reach so many more groups of people, not just Latino Americans. I am black, but fairly fluent in Spanish due to growing up in a very diverse neighborhood and minoring in it in college. My first job after graduation was a bilingual criminal justice position. It really is important for everyone to be well versed in other languages, not just first generation or immigrant Americans. It really is a flaw in our educational system that in most states, students aren’t introduced to a foreign language until high school, and even then they are only required 2 years of study. Anyway… I hope there are more episodes soon!

  3. Sussi says:

    I have heard a lot about this series and now I have watched all 8 episodes. I love it. When are the next episode coming? Can’t wait to see how everything turns out!

  4. Rose says:

    So glad my husband introduced me to this show!!! loved it. he would elbow me in some scenes. “That’s something you would do” he’d say. I guess great minds do think alike. ty you all for your had work and dedication.
    -SA TX

  5. Paul E. C. says:

    Wow…I must say this whole series was amazing to watch, every episode went into detail in ways that I, myself can relate to my own life experiences and family as well. Saddend at the fact that it took me this long to see it, and that it never really flourished into something greater! Growing up in LA my mother and father held it to a high standard for my siblings and I to learn Spanish, that was our home language, thus when we were home, all Spanish, and when we left the house we could speak what ever we wanted. At first we hated it. But now, looking back, I thank them because it has opened up many doors for us.

    With all these shows on cable now a days, depicting our way of life, why not show something of this caliber that has meaning, depth to what real day to day issues in our lives. What it is to live as a Latino in this country. I agree with Miss. Pedroza, “We want more”

    Again, amazing job with this series!

  6. eric says:

    its too bad that was the last episode :(

  7. Saul says:

    Bravo! This episode speaks directly to all American Latino’s that must choose how to preserve and extinguish two culture’s: USA American and Latino. Which part of the two cultures do we want to reflect and which part do we want to avoid? Especially in institutions where we are the far and few in between. In this case Lee was one the only Latino capable of such a promotion. But his commitment to his goals, kept him from reaching his ultimate dream job.

  8. I want more! Fantastic job, Esai im crazy for you!

  9. rosendo says:

    this series is awsome. its addicting i watched all episodes twice. i need more

  10. Clara says:

    I watched all the episodes last night I heard about it on TV and loved it. I cannot believe I did not hear of it before this is AMazing and has the greatest Actors i am a big Fan of Esai Morales since La Bamba and to see him here in that father husband role is great and Lupe ontiveros ni se diga buenisima actris la señora. I don’t know if there are more episodes coming but it would be Awesome to have this series on TV for the whole world to watch.

  11. Maureen says:

    Have just watch the entire show. Outstanding! This is the first internet show I have ever watched and now I’m hooked. So great to have a show you want to see and can watch and enjoy on your schedule.
    Impressed with the writing and directing, being able to tell an involved and complex story in such a condensed format.
    The acting is wonderful and each story thread compelling. I know these people.
    Though not Hispanic, (Irish Catholic) I grew up in San Gabriel Valley in a very diverse community and this is the world I recognize, know and love.
    I am looking forward to more. Memo has to bring Pilar home.

  12. Katiria says:

    OM Goodness what a great show I came across it looking for a different show, and boy am I glad I decide to give it look. It is such a great show. Kudos to the makers of the show and the actors as well.

  13. Tiffany K. Bain says:

    Wow! I know I’m extremely late, however, I am all caught up with the episodes. I must say that this is a great show! I hope to to see more episodes in the near future.

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  17. LORENA says:

    OMG, very good show, my co-worker told me about the show today in the morning and came home from work and watched all episodes, hopefully there are more episodes to come, to continue on see the show……love the show and loved Esai Morales and Lupe Ontiveros….

  18. jukemorten says:

    Story of my life! I’m a Hispanic twenty-something actor who grew up with Spanish around me but I don’t speak it fluently. Living in LA people come up to me and start speaking Spanish and I have no idea what they are saying. Also, as an actor…I’m at a huge disadvantage as I am usually ONLY seen as a Hispanic actor…not just an actor. That is why I love this webisode series. I can relate on so many levels. BTW…I am trying to learn Spanish now. I know it will open up the possibility of many jobs as I will always be my phenotype.

  19. Mary Ulrich says:

    Until now I haven’t had time to sit and watch, but I’ve known about this series for a while since I am a HUGE Raymond Cruz fan. For now, I was only going to watch the first episode… silly girl… and approximately 2 hours later, I just finished the eighth and last episode. Wow, Mr. Leoni, please give us more!

    Many of the comments contained herein reference this show’s insight into the Latino community here in the US. I must say, as a blond-haired, Irish Catholic mother of 2 young girls from Buffalo, NY, it is an eye-opener. I was especially affected by Lee and Alma’s “discussion” on illegals. I didn’t realize until the tears were blurring my vision, how much this issue affects the lives of so many. Buffalo is located 1/2 an hour from the Canadian border. We in this area don’t give such things a second thought. Thanks for opening my eyes and my heart to the reality of the situation.

    The other issues faced by the Valenzuela family: alcoholism, unemployment, unplanned teenage pregnancy, marital jealousy, etc., make this series a must see for EVERYONE who has a pulse! These are problems that most of us face at one point or another.

    Stellar cast (Raymond Cruz, you’re the best!), amazingly acted and so completely believable. It came full circle when the one thing that Lee insisted on in the first episode, speaking English, was the very thing that kept him from his dream job. A real a-ha moment. Congratulations and I sincerely hope this show gets the attention and notoriety it so well deserves. I am dying to know how things work out for the Valenzuelas!

  20. Benjamin Luera says:


    Was excited to find this site which gave me the opportunity to see some of your work. Before I knew it, I had watched all of your episodes of the first season. Hope to see the next episode soon. What a great cast of characters. Your talent astounds me…

  21. richter says:

    I hope to see more episodes. This is what the reality of life is about. Watching these epsidodes were great. Great actors and actresses. This should be on tv. will be waiting for the next episode. Thanks alot.

  22. Francisco says:

    Congrats. Lupe Ontiveros, Esai Morales, Yvonne Delarosa, JC Gonzalez,Raymond Cruz, Ana Villafane,
    It’s a great serie I’d never seen. All the crew, actors and actresses made a great job. Thanks a lot for focusing on the Latino Community living in the USA. Please we need more of this serie on the web. I’ll be wating for the next episode. Thanks a lot.

  23. Francisco says:

    I cried and laughed very much in every episode. It’s a great serie I’ve ever watched, but please we need more episodes, porque quede picado, and I need to know que pasa con Ariel, Paul y el baby. I love Lupe Ontiveros, she is an oustanding actress and Esai Morales y Yvonne Delarosa gran actuacion, they made a great job. Por favor le suplico al escritor nos complascan con mas capitulos porque esta novela por internet esta muy buena y necesitamos saber el final. Please I beg the writer to grant us with more episodes because this serie on the web is so awesome that we need a delightful and happy end.
    Thank you.

  24. ernesto g says:

    very nice scene, watched every episode and liked hoping to see more episodes and why not on tv. like it. very!

  25. Jennifer S. says:

    Really really really good. I saw a bit on the bus and it looked very interesting. So I checked it out here. It’s really natural and i like that a lot. Very dramatic yet funny at times too. The scenes with Lee and Alma are tv gold. They have such great chemistry. You don’t see that too often with TV couples. The homey-in-law is great too and his son is fantastic. When do we see more?

  26. Sara Galvan says:

    Aw, is this it?? Im dying to see more! What a great show! I hope there will be more! If not here on the web, on NETWORK television! I didnt even know about this show till I saw a clip of it on Transit T.V. The short 2 min clip had me hooked and I watched them all!! I would love to know if there will be more! Great cast, great story line. DONT LET THIS BE THE END!

  27. joel tapia says:

    buenas pueden escribir algo español

  28. Timo Robinson says:

    I certainly
    hope that the show is going to have more epis and Season, I found out about this show last night while reading the Paper, and watched each epis 1-8 and wanting MORE, Love this show

  29. Tefari Casas says:

    WHYYYYY?????? This is some of the best writing I’ve ever seen for a series. I loved the complete turn-around of Leandro’s character and the fact he was finally trumped by the very thing he prided himself on in the beginning of the series. So poignant because its so true. I’m “latino” (whatever that word even means nowadays) but don’t speak spanish fluently or even really know the culture so I get judged by both sides. Latinos say I’m whitewashed and White society says I don’t live up to their expectations (I’ve had that same job interview fiasco when they brought in a fellow Peruvian and I could barely speak). I hope this opens up eyes on both sides. Props to Mr. Leoni

  30. Joey says:

    Just came across this show completely by accident and I’m hooked! I can’t understand why this isn’t being shown on the networks… amazing writing. Also, tackles both point of views of immigration Lee’s and Alma’s (as seen in the first episode)… when it personally affects Lee you can’t help but wonder if he is going to change is stance… Can’t wait to see more episodes!

  31. Heri says:

    Just one thing. For many Latinos to speak spanish was not an option by many different reasons, so please don’t be so judgemental?

    Many mexican-americans and puertorricans were forced in school to speak English and be ashamed of their heritage.
    On the other hand, when they try to learn and say something some of us make fun of them.

    Why is it so difficult to just accept people as they are?

  32. Heri says:

    Thanks Esai. Gracias Lupe. And Ivonne… you go girl!

  33. Georgina says:


  34. Juan B> says:

    alma se parece como si fuera hermana de salma hayeck me encanta como trabaja (tiene un nuevo fan)

  35. Juan B> says:

    Buenisima serie pero le faltan titulos en espanos para que pueda llegar a todos los latinos de america que no ablan ingles , pate de mi familia no abla ingles por eso me gustaria que pusieran titulos

  36. Nathalie says:

    Me gusta mucho la serie, y este capitulo me pareció muy interesante, por 2 Cosas primero que Lee no consigue el trabajo por no habla bien español, conozco muchas personas latinas que igual q Lee se enfocan en el ingles y se olvidan de la importancia del español, hoy en día es casi indispensable, que buen ejemplo!! Ahora con el caso de la pobre Pilar, porq si están casados, no han legalizado su matrimonio, no han arreglado sus papeles, si Memo es ciudadano americano! La serie me parece que toca temas muy reales, pero también podrIan agregar un poco mas de humor, porque al ser tan fuertes los problemas que enfrentan, no vendría nada mal un poquito de risa también. En fin los FELICITO!!! ojalá puedan hacer mas episodios!

  37. Andrea says:

    I’ve never seen any web series before except for this one, and let me just say I’m hooked on it! I really hope this isn’t the last episode. This series touches on such critical issues among the Latino community and it is embodied with great actors. Definitely should be on network television! Good job!

  38. Janet A. says:

    p.s. by the way, I laughed and I cried through many of the episodes but today’s was absolutely excellent when “Lee and Memo” shared a very touching and raw emotional moment as cousins and as real men (who said “real men don’t cry?) ;)

  39. Janet A. says:

    I started watching this series approximately 2 hours ago and am so saddened that this is possibly the last episode I’ll watch. This is truly an amazing show with an excellent cast of very talented and skilled actors. I will pray that this will, in fact, have the possibility of continuing to air especially to be picked up by a network or cable company. If I had to pay to see this, I gladly would. I like that even through the very emotional and difficult scenes no cussing was spoken. It goes to show that TV/programs don’t need the bad language to be good. Most of the actors are unknown to me with the exception of Esai Morales and Raymond Cruz but they’re all equally great. As soon as I’m done here I will get on facebook and start spreading the news of how good this show is. Thank you for the passionate way in which you tell our story. God bless you all…J

    • Janet A. says:

      minor correction…this episode does have some minor cussing due to the heated situation but it was still less abrasive than in regular primetime tv shows.

  40. F Calderon says:

    Congratulations and thank you Dennis for this great show and great cast. Isai, Lupe, Raymond, Tony and Yvonne thank you for the superb performances. Ana, JC, Valerie and Armand you are the future!

  41. oscar Hernandez says:


  42. Andres Perez says:

    I am having some problemas finding a job, because I don´t have papers..I don´t speak the language….it seems like I will never get a job, but when I saw this program I remember my mother, she was always in church, I got up, and started looking for a job…any kind…cleaning, bathrooms if is neccesary, I have a daughter, live in los Angeles and if you know about a job let me know…any kind….Thank you for this beautiful real program. God be with you.

  43. CARLOS GARCIA says:


  44. cesar says:

    me gusto bastante; pero deberia tener los dialogos en español o por lomenos sub titulos ya seaen ingles con el parlamento en español o viseversa

    • oscar Hernandez says:


    • Carmen says:


  45. cristian villarreyna rodriguez says:

    creo que es una exelente idea y el contenido del libreto esta espectacular una de las mejores cosas que he visto en los ultimos tiempos, me parece genial la serie los felicito y creo que no deven dejarnos con ganas de seguir viendo este trabajo, exelente espero que pronto veamos un largometrage muy real como este

  46. Wendy says:

    I luv this series. It definitely should be on mainstream television along with so many other shows the depict the lives of the so called minority: Latino and African-American. I look forward to the next season/series.

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  48. Paula says:

    Clai and Georgia are right. This show is for all Americans. It is is shame that a show this good is limited to the web. The show deserves to be seen by millions. I can’t wait to see more.

  49. Gorgia says:

    Right on! Clai W. This show was never meant for Latinos only. It is meant to reach out to everyone and their humanity. It just happens to feature a Latino Family making their Journey of life happen just like anyother family in America.
    Keep watching, I will also; it is a great show!

  50. Clai W says:

    Please don’t let this be the last epsiode. This is the best thing I have seen since “Diary of a Single Mother”. Actually it better. More dramatic, more suspenseful, more emotional. Today I will be start searching for the best way to start a campaign to get this show on TV, regular or cable.
    Pass the word, this show is not for Latinos only.

    • Jose says:

      I want to help with your campaign. Feel the same way. I am so tired of the crap on TV and here is this great series where the world can’t find it. We need to promote this site and this show!

    • Amelia says:

      How about a kickstarter campaign to raise money for a billboard! It’s all about the advertising!

    • Lori says:

      You’re right Clai. I’m Canadian and this show KICKS IT! How great to watch actors and actresses performing; and the entire cast is fantastic.

  51. Lori says:

    What a great show; it’s so much more enjoyable than the reality programs that are crowding the networks. I hope they make more episodes; this would definitely be one of my favourite shows! The cast is SO talented!

  52. Rosa Yanez-Islas says:

    Watched all episodes with my 8 year old niece.
    When ICE took Pilar away and Lee glances over at his neighbor’s house, my niece blurted out, “Oh, that man has crossed the line!” .. (referring to Victoria’s husband)
    When Memo & his son are in bed, she sighed and said, “ay, pobre gordito!!” …

    This 8 year old is learning so much from these episodes and she was dismayed that this was it. I told her there will be more. PLEASE don’t make me out to be a liar!! :)
    It was my wishful thinking that spoke!
    Absolutely refreshing: I laughed, I cried, and most of all I THOUGHT about my own upbringing and now my son’s ..and all the issues that he will face.
    What more can I say?
    Gracias y en espera de los siguientes capitulos!!!!

  53. Maria says:

    Awesome! I was so into the show, I cried most of the time. What a fine job, all of you did! I love your show and cannot wait for the next one. In my opinion, this is a hit, way better than most of the stupid shows they have on tv now.

  54. Norine says:

    I know exactly how Lee felt when he didn’t qualify for the spanish speaking position for this company. I also grew up in a spanish speaking family. My parents were bilingual, but the only time that spanish was allowed was in our prayers and to our grandmother. My father was very strict and we were only to speak english and this was so we wouldn’t accidentally speak it in the class as it would result in a punishment through the school. I don’t blame my parents on the decision on not speaking to us in spanish, they wanted the best for us and they thought this was the right choice and that’s just the way it was back then. Sad to say but it was true!

  55. S Parham says:

    Love this show!

  56. al salas says:

    Why is this not on cable? A show this good deserves to be seen by all. Certainly companies like Wal Mart and others who attact latino clients on Univision would be willing to sponsor a show this good…..

  57. gaby says:

    Loved this show! Esai, Lupe, Raymond and Yvonne were great. Got to give credit to the young cast too! Ana Villafane, JC Gonzalez, Valerie Curiel and Jovan Armand.

  58. Christine says:

    I wish the networks would realize we need more shows like this. Latinos so badly need to be represented on television and this touches on all the issues we face. The actors are amazing.

  59. Jonathan says:

    Wow. I’ve been crying my eyes out for the last 17 minutes @ a Starbucks. This was truly some great writing, acting and overall amazing episode.

    Thank you for speaking truth to the Latino American Experience.

    I am a huge fan! Make this a network show! :)


  60. Heather Lozano says:

    Another tearjerker! It can’t be over!! Now what? We need to find out what happens with the Valenzuela family!
    This was so excellent…..the writing, the acting, everything! Please give us more!!!!

  61. Rosemary Ruiz Fernandez says:

    I’m a professional musician and I once received a job playing in a group and after I signed the paperwork, the conductor called me in and started ranting about how he was not bowing to pressure from the “higher ups” to hire more Latinos and he was not going to be forced to hire unqualified ethnic minorities to play in his group. I said, hopefully nobody is asking you to hire unqualified musicians period. That’s where the double edged sword comes in – if we are professionals who make it based on our chops; there are always those people who say that we’re where we are because of the color of our skin. If we are the most qualified we have to work twice as hard as everybody else to prove that we belong. Poor Lee. Please say more episodes are planned; best series around..

  62. Gorgia says:

    the cop with the black hair was so GOOD and so was the other one

  63. AMAZING AMAZING episode. You guys are like the best kept secret. I try to let anyone I know about this show. BRAVO!

  64. Vern says:

    OMG luv da show n hope we can have lot more episodes I totally like all the issues that are being seen in this show because it has alot todo with today’s reality which is sad but it opens people’s eyes to many issues plz keep more shows coming!

  65. Susie says:

    Can you say PRIME TIME!! I can’t get enough of this show!

  66. Ramon V. Parra says:

    Excellent episode. Touched upon issues that face American Latinos this side of the border. I too, was not hired for a position because I didn’t speak Spanish fluently, while the assumption was by the prospective employer, that I could. Insidious as it may seem, discrimination and prejudice is prevalent in the work place. Thanks for an insightful season. Hope to see more.

  67. Myra says:

    I can’t believe it’s over! Here are my nominations: Best web series “Los Americans”, best actor Esai Morales, best actress Yvonne Delarosa, best supporting actress Lupe Ontiveros, best supporting actor Raymond Cruz, best directing Dennis Leoni, and best cast “LOS AMERICANS”. There. Done!

    P.S. Best supporting might be a tie between Raymond and the kid who plays his son. Great actor!

  68. lisa says:

    I love this episode. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Poor Lee. He, like so many of us has assimilated so much that we don’t know our own language anymore. I would give anything to have my Abuela here to teach me our beautiful language.

  69. AG says:

    Oh no! Is this the end? When are more episodes coming out?!!! I have to say this has become my favorite show to watch on tv or the internet. It’s amazing how a series like this is not on a major network. The interaction between the family is so believable, especially between Lee and Alma. When can we see more?

  70. I simply cannot believe that this is not a Network show!
    Masterfully done Dennis…

    • JR says:

      If this was on network, this series would have to be nominated all around. Best writing to Mr. Leoni. Best actor to Mr. Morales. Best actress to the lovely Ms. Delarosa. Congratulations to a very special series. I will miss it.

  71. Grepasa says:

    EXCELLENT episode. The scenes with Lee and Memo were great – wonderful opportunity for them to display their supreme acting chops. Poor Lee – he was stereotyped by that company. Unless he lied on his resume (doubtful) they ASSUMED he had certain skills. That’s not his fault. (trying a bit not to give it all away…)

    • Luis Manuel says:

      Me gusto mucho este episodio, es interesante ver la vida de nuestros paisanos plasmada en la caracterización de buenos actores como es Esai Morales, y con respecto a los problemas de inmigración, es preciso hacer algo al respecto, ya que muchas familias de latinos han sido separadas injustamente, cuando los latinos son sin duda alguna fuerza importante en la economia de este pais gringo… Que por cierto admiro mucho al igual que a mi México… Saludos, lm.

    • Byron Green says:

      Where is Season 2? I told a friend about this series and ended up watching the whole thing again. Its actually even better the 2nd time around. I noticed a lot more, like how great the acting really is and how funny it was despite all the serious topics. Great balance. Yvonne Delarosa is incredible as is Esai Morales. What a gorgeous couple. This is the new American couple that everyone needs to be watching. I hope Season 2 is on it’s way.

    • Rob says:

      Great series. I don’t understand why a show like this isn’t on TV. What happened to this show? I really liked it and would keep watching. I especially like Lee and Alma too. She is beyond beautiful and a great actress and he is good too. I agree, they are the new Ricky and Lucy but in drama.

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