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Los Americans: Episode 2

Fish and Houseguests

Posted on August 18th, 2014 by Producer @PICtv 26 Comments

The Valenzuelas try to adjust to a houseful of strange relatives living in their home, Lucia’s growing problem with alcohol and Lee’s struggle with the prospect of his future unemployment and loss of income. Pilar, Memo’s undocumented wife, surprises Lee with her generosity.

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26 Responses

  1. do le phong says:

    This is the most episode which i love. The acting is so good. look forward to the next episode.

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  4. Inez Gonzalez says:

    Enjoyed the discussion about illegal vs undocumented. Smart and real script.

  5. Janet A. says:

    I didn’t leave a comment on this episode until now (I’ve seen all the episodes) and I’m glad I continued to see the rest of them. I thought it started out a little slow and the party was a little over the top on the amount of guests that showed up but I love the show. I admit and recognize that we (latinos) love parties and have a lot of friends and family but, in my case, when I throw a party I know everyone or at least 99.9% of the guest; the other .1% of the guests are known by association. It’s so damn good (please excuse my “french”) and I’m pretty devastated that it may have ended after only 8 episodes.

  6. Jenni says:

    Great episode!! I can too well relate with the extended familia houseguests..and immigration thing.While a very generous gesture there does come a time when enough is enough when it comes to helping family..

    when helping = enabling your no know longer helping.

  7. Love that immigration was brought up in this episode. I really appreciate the honesty of this series and the important topics that are showcased.

  8. Mike Powell says:

    Great work Dennis. I liked the second episode even more than the first. They’re getting better by the week.

  9. al salas says:

    Maybe the dont have Lee speaking Spanish because he probably speaks it like a Puerto Rican and it would make him less credible portraying a Mexican. E. Mrales is from Puerto Rico

    • Janet A. says:

      I’m sure he could imitate the accent if he needed to. I think the issue of he not wanting the kids to speak Spanish is because he’s afraid of the discrimination from ignorant people due to an accent when speaking English. Though I don’t agree with the “English only” rule; just speak it properly and to hell with the people who make fun of accents.

  10. Liliana Grip says:

    Couldn’t watch it until today and it only gets better. Beautiful way to illustrate the debate that is going on about immigration.
    Thank you Dennis and Cast for doing this so sweetly!

  11. Kitty says:

    Another great episode! The writing and the acting are top notch… better than a lot of TV shows currently on the air. Keep up the great work… I look forward to seeing what happens in episode 3! =0)

  12. luis lASSEN says:

    Again, great work…the cast, the acting, the story line….!!!! This show should be on a network TV not online but that’s okay at least is here! As a Puerto Rican all I can say is that if we LATINOS support each other in our projects we can get ahead even further….

  13. Great 2nd episode blogging about it right now!

  14. Blanca Pintor says:

    In this Episode everyone portrayed their character wonderfully. The Script gets to the point and is not boring.
    Only one thing bothered me, the wife had a push up bra first thing in the morning, in real life this is not what happens. She should have been more real to this scene the (wardrobe) that is.

  15. Amelia says:

    I agree. The acting is so real and believable. Are Esai and Yvonne Delarosa a married or dating in real life? They look really great together and seem like a real couple.

  16. Julia Vera says:

    Que barbaros, This is good stuff. The acting is so real and natural. The dialogue is easy and relevant. Everyone looks so good even Lupe LOL. Love the scene about the money. The point of hard working undocumented people and how there is pride in the work done by them. Good hard earn money. Pay what you owe. Pride, honor, honesty. Love it.

  17. SouthernGirl59 says:

    Great episode!

  18. sandra Cornejo says:

    Congratulation to all you gays that traying to desmostrated
    the americans, that elegal peple r not here to take any body;s job they only traying to suport there family’s like you and me.

  19. Linda Torres says:

    Felicidades~Congrats! Dennis Leoni, Esai Morales and the entire Cast…thank you for keeping it real. Your talent and commitment to our community and issues that we encounter daily in our “barrios” across this nation are reflected with sensitivity and love.
    GRACIAS for this Gift! Que Viva Nuestra Cultura y Arte.

  20. Rosemary Ruiz Fernandez says:

    When I was in elementary school in SoCal, the kids who spoke Spanish were placed in the classes for the “mentally retarded” (mentally challenged or mentally disabled is more PC, but in those days that was the label that was used). My parents made the decision not to teach us Spanish, so our Nana spoke to us in Spanish and we answered her in English. If Lee doesn’t know how to speak Spanish it would be more believable if he answered his mother’s comments in Spanish, with an answer in English as opposed to continually saying, “English please”. I’m waiting for Lupe to slap Esai for being so disrespectful each time he says that to her.

  21. Menardo V. Pineda says:

    I ‘m the frist to watch this you guys are so Great and awesome too. Keep up the Good Work guys!

  22. JROD says:

    The 2nd episode was even better than the 1st. As an American born Latino, I am so proud to finally see a show that presents American Latinos as they are. Educated, affluent and just as confused about immigration as the rest of the world. I was very pleased to see both sides of the issue discussed between the two main characters. Although I must side with the wife. (Portrayed fantastically by Yvonne De la rosa). Makes me wish I was married again. If only to have intelligent banter with my wife, especially one as gorgeous. Nice to see see a smart, talented and beautiful Latina actress play a real role that isn’t a cliche. Lucky Esai. (Who is fantastic as well). Maybe even the best I’ve seen him. Honest and funny too.

  23. Ramon V. Parra says:

    The show certainly reflects the issues of the day. Enjoyed the Buster Keaton reel segment, a man trapped in his environment.

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