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Los Americans: Episode 4

Family Heirloom

Posted on August 18th, 2014 by Producer @PICtv 40 Comments

The Valenzuelas learn some hard lessons about the problems alcoholism has always created for their family. Lee, Alma, Memo and Pilar return to find an unconscious Jennifer in the hands of the boys she invited over. Lee and Alma are furious with Lucia for getting drunk, passing out and leaving the children unprotected.

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40 Responses

  1. Carmen says:

    There is no story line. Nothing like Devious Maids. Today was the first time I saw this. Maybe later on it will get more interesting.

  2. eric says:

    the mother is at fault too. she knew the grandma was drinking. nobody else noticed that??

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  4. mona says:

    I love them. but I want to download them. I can’t. so please help me.

  5. M Coto says:

    Wow- In my eyes all of the actors are Grammy winners..
    Lupe Otiveros – Me quito el sobrero y que buena actris!!
    Bravo, good acting , good story line and excellent show!!

  6. Inez Gonzalez says:


  7. Timo Robinson says:

    This show has to be picked up by a network, It is true , not all this fake arse “Reality Crap”, Love it

  8. Janet A. says:

    This episode really hit a home run on the alcoholism issue. It was very real in the aspect of the consequences when drinking begins at such an early age and continues into adulthood. I too, as a mother, would’ve been livid with the lack of parental supervision on the part of the grandmother. Also, the dangerous situation the daughter put herself into was very real and I’m sure it has happened to someone in real life. The title of “Family Heirloom” was perfect and unfortunately so true for many families, hispanic or otherwise. It’s a vicious cycle that has to be stopped to prevent families from falling apart by it’s side effects.

  9. maryfer bobadilla says:

    congratulations, I love it. I have this problem in my family, and I have two daugthers, I’m takind this like experience..

    sigan asiii !!

  10. Rlocuito says:

    Wow, such a powerful message for all families!

  11. Wow! Amazing episode, you had me crying three times…lol. This was really touching and that prayer at the end was so overwhelming. I really appreciate how much this series mirrors real life and it seems that each episode is more and more powerful. Buen trabajo!

  12. Heather Lozano says:

    Magnificent performances by all! This episode was so moving, and powerful.

  13. Alexito el Bonito says:

    GREAT EPISODE, agree it is the best so far, starting to like the running time. The only thing this episode missed was a huge “SALUD” at the end…

  14. Rosemary Ruiz Fernandez says:

    I am getting so sick of all the so-called “Reality Shows” on TV today. Los Americans is a “Reality Show” of the best kind – the real kind. The acting is top-notch. I too was crying as I watched, and with each tear the message of forgiveness kept coming back. Father to daughter, mother to MIL, son to mother, grandmother to family, and through it all we know that God is the one who has forgiven us all. What a great show, sure hope it gets “picked up” by a major network soon, so everyone can enjoy it.

  15. Alejandro Galindo says:

    good job

  16. Kitty says:

    Another fine episode! Kudos to all involved, this show just keeps getting better and better… It tackles some very tough subjects and does it beautifully! =0)

  17. SouthernGirl59 says:

    The episodes keep getting better and better! I love it! Family love . . . I love it! I pray grandma goes to rehab!

  18. Rachel Silva says:

    Wow! very good!

  19. Dyana Ortelli says:

    I’m hooked! Congratulations Dennis Leoni, Robert Townsend and everyone involved. Outstanding writing, directing and production values! And the cast? Nothing short of phenomenal! You make Latinos proud.

  20. Eva Maria says:

    What a fantastic episode. This is the best one. This series keeps getting better and better.

    Even though I am a third generation Mexican American, and my family is no longer in touch with its roots, I still identify with so many of these characters and storylines.

    When Lee said to his daughter that alcoholism was a family heirloom, a legacy, I felt so emotional because that is the same way I have always seen it in my family. My parents are both children of alcoholics, and both of my grandfathers died from alcoholism. My grandmother and many uncles are alcoholics, and I even struggle with it myself.

    When my Yaya came to this country when she was my age, she had two little boys and a girl and a husband she left back in Yucatan who I think drank and treated her very badly. She went on to marry even more men who drank, including my grandfather.

    My mother is so messed up from it that if I so much as order a glass of wine at a restaurant, it becomes an enormous scene straight out of a telenovela.

    I am so glad this show is taking this issue on, and I enjoy this show so much. I always see myself like Lee, wanting to have my own family one day on my own terms, breaking the cycle. I love this show!! Please put it on TV! Thank you so much for making this. From the issues with immigration to Lee’s cultural shame, to alcoholism, this show is courageous and bold and I wish more Latinos and other Americans could see it and understand what it’s like for all of us.

    iMuchas gracias!

    • Eva Maria says:

      Oh! iUna cosa mas!

      PLEASE include something about diabetes. I am also a diabetic and I know how many Latino Americans who struggle with the disease. It would be so great to showcase what that’s like and the struggles we deal with.

      Thank you!!!

  21. Maria G. says:

    I love it. What a wonderful job all of you did in this episode. It is the best show so far. Thank you for providing the language and skills to a section of your audience who can relate to these issues. (In this case, I liked the nephew kicking that liar. I am sure he got the message, jajaja!)
    Last, how authentic to reconcile the family with a prayer after the truth was exposed. Great way of showing how together they can heal multigenerational family pain, and allow them to grow from it… I can not wait for the next show! Con todo mi cariño, muchas gracias.

    • Eva Maria says:

      jajaja yeah I loved it when Memo went all macho on him. I was jumping out of my seat, going, “Get that pasty gringo cabron!!”

  22. Blanca Pintor says:

    Best episode. I am bonding with this family, thats when I know a Show is great! the sad thing is that I wish the episodes were longer. Esai your a great dad trying to keep your family together…awseome episode..just perfectly done.The cast needs to go out there to promote this show.

  23. SamS says:

    really good. episodes getting better. loved the wife. such a good actress. she really made it believable. her and the grandma, tear jerker. great acting. hope those creepy teen boys don’t get away with it.

    • Eva Maria says:

      iAy! I was crying my eyes out too. I didn’t think I would, but every scene with Alma I was crying and crying!

  24. Sandra says:

    Episode 4 was great….very dramatic but, Real issues. Great cast. Lupe O and Yvonne De La Rosa did a awesome job in their performances. I am hooked…can’t wait for next episode!!!

  25. William says:

    It is refreshing to see such great writing and direction meld with such superb acting! The entire concept is so fresh and exciting to watch. It’s real…it’s current…it’s believable! Let’s see much more of this…and on a network too!

  26. Paul Curiel says:

    Fantastic! Best episode yet. Lupe will have to be nominated for best actress in a web drama series. Ana and Yvonne were also outstanding.

  27. Carmen Villafane says:

    Wow! A real tear jerker – solid acting, great exposition of the topic and riveting plot layout. Felicidades!

  28. JROD says:

    Wow. Why isn’t this on TV? Somebody please respond! The writing and acting are emmy worthy. I agree all the women on the show are so great. Yvonne De La Rosa is so believable and a pleasure to watch every week. Lupe is my mother’s twin. Great work ladies. The men on the show are very good actors as well. Thumbs up all around.

  29. Amelia says:

    Tears are streaming down my face as I type this. What a FANTASTIC episode! The cast of this series is one of the best I have ever seen. My only wish is that this were on TV! It deserves to be. Lupe Ontiveros was so wonderful and the daughter too and Yvonne Delarosa is such a phenomenal actress, If this were on TV she would definitely be nominated for something. I truly can not wait till next week!

  30. THIS…was an AMAZING episode. Best one yet. It just keeps getting better and better. I am definitely a fan!

    Great acting, I cried.

  31. Lorraine Ruiz says:

    Well done. This episode is the one that will move Los Americans to Prime Time television. The storyline, acting and topic were on target. Thank you.

  32. Gabe Suarez says:

    these are great actors. se la comieron! lupe and ana really got me in this one

    • Luis Manuel Rojas says:

      Este episodio nos deja una enseñanza profunda y de gran valor… Indudablemente todas o casi todas nuestras familias han pasado por esto… Bien por esta oportunidad de PERDON Y RECONCILIACION… Saludos lm

  33. Incredible episode. I cried like a baby again… Can’t wait until next episode… This topic hits home in so many ways. Alcoholism is a problem in many families whether we know it or not or we just don’t want to see it.

  34. Ramon V. Parra says:

    Alcholism is a deadly disease. Hope Lucia gets into AA.

    • Myra says:

      If not I’m sure her daughter in law will see to it that she does! What an amazing episode and powerful performance by all. Yvonne Delarosa is emmy worthy in this role! Incredible honest portrayal. I couldn’t stop crying. Lupe Ontivaros is great too.

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