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Posted on August 19th, 2014 by Producer @PICtv 24 Comments

Los Americans is an eight-part digital series that focuses on a multi-generational, middle-income Latino family living in Los Angeles. The Valenzuela family deals with many issues facing American families today, including: unemployment, cultural identity and alcoholism. The series features Latino-Americans in a realistic and complex manner seldom seen on television or the Internet.

While the series portrays some of the experiences unique to the Latino community, such as the challenges of straddling two cultures, the series also shows that much of the family’s struggles can be identified with families from various socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. Following each episode of Los Americans, viewers will be directed to online resources and information offering solutions and help for the issues portrayed in the program.

The series is written and directed by Dennis Leoni, who is best known for having created and produced the award-winning, television series Resurrection Blvd. for Showtime. Los Americans feature Esai Morales (Caprica, Jericho, La Mamba), Lupe Ontiveros (Southland, Family Guy) Raymond Cruz (The Closer, Breaking Bad) and Tony Plana (Ugly Betty, 24).

Los Americans is an original production of One Economy Corporation and its video production company, V-Studios. V-Studios is managed by award-winning director, Robert Townsend.

The digital series is funded through a grant of the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program, made possible by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, to promote broadband and technology use to help people improve their lives.

24 Responses

  1. Barajas says:

    I tried to view the series, however it is unavailable, which is very disappointing it sounded like a really good series from what I have read. Will it be available again for viewing?

  2. Richard says:

    I thought this was a great show. At first, I only watched because I’m a huge Tuco fan, but after watching for what it really is I thought it was excellent. I don’t see why it wasn’t picked up for TV. It should have been. The story arcs were good, the actors were believable and the plot original. I like it.

  3. eva marina says:

    “La Mamba”?

  4. Carole Drennan says:

    what a shame that the series did not have wider exposure; it brought home the truth that Latinos mostly have a tighter family structure than is generally understood. An honest view of the characters. Great writing, excellent acting. I hope the yanquis (of which I am one) paid attention.

  5. Diana R. says:

    I have watched all eight episodes and found them to be very close to the American-Latino family. The “Legacy” episode was extremely honest about what can happen to a young lady when alcohol and boys and lack of supervision come into play. In this episode, the young lady gets “lucky”, but the reality is, not many young ladies get saved by dad and uncle.

    No matter if you are Mexican, Cubano, Argentine, etc. These issues strike us all. Actually, most of the issues brought up in all the episodes relate to many different cultures across our great nation.

    I want to see more. I think our television executives want to “water down” culture instead of hitting on the reality of life. I’m glad these topics are being addressed in the free environment of the world wide web.

    Thank you to the creative talent that collaborated to make these episodes.

  6. lounes touati says:

    good story

  7. Joanne Salas says:

    Thank you for a sensitive and realistic portrayal of Latino families! Watched all eight episodes today after reading an LA Times article on the series by Abel Salas. Looking forward to additional episodes!

  8. Javier & Iris says:

    Thank you for this series. Since the conclusion of Resurrection Blvd., we have been looking forward to a new and significant project such as this. As usual, your choices in material and excellent casting is never disappointing. (Where is Constance Marie?:) Continued success and Bravo!!!

  9. Hola mi compatiota Esai Morales.Siempre creia que tu eras mexicano.Aunque no importa eres hispano Americano

  10. Teti says:

    can u guys PLEASE!!! make more episodes of this AMAZING series?… To say that is series is amazing would be an understatement….. it is beyond awesome… =)

  11. Rlocuito says:

    I really enjoyed this program series, some of the cast on this series was on the Resurrection Blvd that was on Showtime and I truly enjoyed it. I wished that Dennis Leoni would bring another Mexican American family back to prime time TV! Thanks Dennis, I have enjoyed them

  12. Myra says:

    This series has gotten better and better. The entire cast is wonderful. Especially Esai Morales as the father and Yvonne Delarosa as the mother. They are the most believable. Great looking and real couple, with real family issues. I would love to see more about them as a couple in future episodes.

  13. Love the show!

    Awesome and talented cast! Please keep it coming.

  14. Elissa says:

    Just watched the first episode and I am trying to decide my thoughts. On one hand I always am happy to see Chicano actors and projects. On the other hand on the first episode you focused on a father-figure ashamed of his nationality, the Mom was the typical sex-pot Latina, there is underage drinking, the drunk homie cousin and an alcoholic Abuela. Although you are hitting on real issues for real Chicano families of today, it feels like the program may be just perpetuating negative stereotypes. I will keep watching and will pass it on to friends and family.

    • Amelia says:

      For a second I thought about stereotypes but, watch episode 2. I think it gets a lot clearer. Yes, the dad is self loathing, yes the mom is sexy, but she is also really smart and tough, yes the grandma drinks but we feel for her and the homie cousin is down on his luck, but hard working. I don’t think these are negative stereotypes, they are real people with problems and i’m really looking forward to next week. Lets keep watching.

  15. Aino 25 says:

    Raymond Cruz is HOT!

  16. Benjamin Esparza says:

    Question: Why is the word Mexican not used to discribe the family who’s story your telling? Is this a series about a Mexican-American family, or not ? What’s with the “Latino-American” family anyway, what that all about? . . . What are you guys afraid of ? – I’m just saying, say what you mean! The clip however looks great, interesting story lines, current event issues and what seem to be real people.

    • Dennis Leoni says:

      Benjamin — In some of the promos it’s Mexican-American, which is what the family is portraying because that is what I am, and in some it’s Latino-American. To answer your question, we aren’t afraid of anything. We’re just trying to be as inclusive as possible. We hope that Mexican-Americans as well as all Latinos will identify with the Valenzuela family. From my perspective, I would like ALL Americans, from the North Pole to the tip of Cape Horn, to identify with Los Americans. After all, we are all just people, Americans from the Americas. Thank you for watching and I really hope you enjoy the show.

    • Adrian Tafoya says:

      I know half of the cast personally. I also know that Tony Plana is Cubano. It would not be fair to him, and it would be a disservice to ‘classify’ this series as a strictly Mex-Am cast. I see the idea behind the Venezuelan family premise, which means that the had to travel through Sur America, and through Mexico to cross the border into the U.S. Possibly even through Jan Brewer’s Arizona border?

    • Elizabetg says:

      I think mexican, salvadorian or whatever latino country is, we are consider the same in usa. for american (white or black people) we are exactly the same thing.

    • Benjamin Esparza says:

      The series is GREAT, as is the cast . . . . I don’t care about what the actors are in real life, no one does! My point was that this family on this series is clearly Mexican-American “Chicano” living in middle class America as many of us do, why not just say that? I am a proud Chicano who truly understands all to well about inclusion, that’s the reason I went out of my way to post my two (2) comments here. We ALL want to be part of the American fabric and we are, but as the late Lalo Guerrero sang out loud years ago, “There’s No Chicanos on TV”, and I simply ask why is that still true? Lalo was right back then and making his point quit clear to America. This series should be on a network schedule, on prime time. I wish you continued success . . . . . The proud Chicano – Orale !

  17. oske says:


    • Amelia says:

      Beautiful family of women all around and yet very real. Glad to see real beautiful women and not artificially enhanced women representing us finally. Lupe Ontiveros looks like my abuela who I love dearly and Yvonne Delarosa wins for hottest mom ever! 3 natural beauties. great casting!

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