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Harvest of Dignity Study Guide

Posted on November 14th, 2011 by Alejandra Okie 2 Comments

A new Study Guide is available that can be used by groups watching the film Harvest of Dignity.

The guide was produced by the Harvest of Dignity Study GuideFarmworker Advocacy Network and the North Carolina Council of Churches.

Harvest of Dignity, is a new documentary produced by Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF) and Minnow Media and shown exclusively online on The film focuses on the lives and work of farm workers in North Carolina, providing an in-depth portrait of the people who harvest our food today.

By sharing stories about farm workers and the realities of their working conditions, the Farmworker Advocacy Network and the NC Council of Churches hope to promote community dialogue and understanding, and to ultimately improve conditions for farm workers.

The discussion guide includes facts about farm workers and child labor, and quotes by farm workers and advocates. It also contains general discussion questions, as well as questions for specific audiences, including faith communities, students, and “foodies.” The guide provides concrete ideas for taking action to and a list of organizations that support farm workers.

Click here to download the Harvest of Dignity Study Guide.

Watch Harvest of Dignity.


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  1. Judith Teele says:

    Would you please advise me – we would like to show film to large public gathering in Morganton NC – how do we receive film and guide and what are the associated costs – I am afflicated with Grace Epsicopal Church and we are currently being certicifed by Green Faith, a national non-profit for religious communuites and others -

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